October 28th, 2010
10:40 AM ET

Ballplayer mounts a comeback for the ages

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had the best batting average in the American League in 2010 and is playing in his first World Series. But he's already won a huge victory in his life, overcoming a severe drug addiction that took him to rock bottom. CNN's Mark McKay reports:

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  1. osiris zapata

    Why not praise the ones who never done drugs, crime, cheated, etc.? Hamilton is not a positive role model for anyone. He is just a drug addict who stopped using drugs for a while, only to relapse and ask for forgiveness. I am tired of seing the media praising these so called role models, lets start a new thing called recognizing people who always did right. Let the ones who did not do right find out on their own. It is the only way to achieve a more reluctant society thats not willing to accept failure, but willing to accept the best out of people.

    October 28, 2010 at 11:56 am | Report abuse |
  2. stick dog

    @ Osiris you mean role models like Bristol Palin being put on "Dancing With The Stars". Or how about back in 2007 – when they kept this so called "hiccup girl" in your face. Another they semi ran down your throat was the one who had acid thrown in her face – the latest, this woman whose husband was killed on a lake bordering Mexico – according to her they decided to go to the Mexican side to look at a historic water front Church – surely these must be the role models you're speaking of.
    I have no problem with Josh Hamilton l'm proud to see him and his manager of that team Ron Washington also arecovering addict have the success and resiliency to bounce back. - by the way those media created role models l mentioned earlier all shared a common thread – thank you can figure it out?

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  3. nolasco

    I think Josh hamilton story is very inspiring.I think this remind us we're only humans, and we'll make mistakes, and it takes a lot of guts and resiliance to dig yourself out of it and learn from it. Josh did that, and I think he should definately be used as a role model.

    October 28, 2010 at 12:40 pm | Report abuse |
  4. sickpup

    Yet another rehab/born again recovering celeb soaking up whatever limelight their placated egos can summon from the drooling idiot masses. Next comes the book deal, so 2000's. Rangers will lose the ws, rightfully so as this useless pile of horse dung state deserves.

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  5. donimus

    @ sickpup if ever a screen name fits – yours does hands down.

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  6. donimus

    @ stick dog & nolasco yall nailed it – I'm pulling for the guy myself not cause l'm a Dodger fan and a giants hater -but to see Josh do his thing & Ron Washington as well. If they pull this off it will send a powerful message – adversity can be tamed regardless of how far you fall – you can get back up – Go Rangers Go!

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  7. RaleighMatrix

    Wish i had another change. A reload of God's mercy. A job.

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    I too, am sick of the praise being heaped upon individuals who have repeatedly failed family and friends. There are more interesting people in the world and far more compelling issues to focus on than to waste or glance at any individual who has wasted our valuable time and precious resources. They did not care and neither do I, "because they got high" Weed Man

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