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One year after Haiti earthquake: Rubble, recovery and reconstruction

Haitians are marking the one year anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake that devastated their country today.

While thousands of aid organizations and non-profit groups answered the call for help and the international community pledged billions of dollars to the recovery effort, progress on a large scale has been hard to come by in Haiti.

That's not to say that work hasn't been taking place. Signs of improvement dot the landscape. But 1.2 million people still make their homes in tent cities. Rubble and damaged buildings are seen at every turn. Those images have some people wondering what is happening with the money that they donated to the cause.

To the outside observer, the reconstruction process seems to be taking too long. But many people working on the ground in Haiti say they are right where they expected to be one year after the quake given the complexity of the problems the country faces. Listen to the story here:

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