24 hours through the lens
April 23rd, 2012
06:26 PM ET

The CNN Daily Mash-up

The CNN Daily Mash-up is a roundup of some of the most interesting, surprising, curious, poignant or significant items to appear on CNN.com in the past 24 hours. We'll top it with a collection of the day's most striking photographs. Your comments, as always, are welcome.

Not enough flowers in the world to make up for this

A hunter in Florida accidentally shot his girlfriend when he mistook her for a wild hog, CNN affiliate WKMG in Orlando reports. She's seriously injured. When she recovers, he could be next.

Prosecutor: Edwards chose to break the law

David Harbach, the prosecutor in former presidential candidate John Edwards' criminal trial, didn't hold back Monday in explaining to jurors what Edwards allegedly did:

This affair (with filmmaker Rielle Hunter) was a gamble with exceedingly high stakes. If the affair went public it would have destroyed any chance to become president and he knew it. Two of his most enthusiastic supporters happened to be wealthy, and he knew that, too. He made a choice to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars. He made a choice to break the law.

User comment: We set stage for Edwards affair

In the discussion of John Edwards' illicit affair and the allegedly illegal effort to cover it up, as well as the larger issue of powerful men's seeming inability to keep their trousers zipped, user Kusemono wrote:

Secondary blame for fiascos like this lay squarely with us, the electorate. We have a very strong part in creating a political class that, quite understandably, begins to believe its campaign slogans and rhetoric. Party affiliation is irrelevant. We have created professional politicians for whom image and reality become so intertwined that they cannot be separated. Sen. Edwards probably did all this, and knew of it, but because he believed so many people believed in him, he truly thought he deserved to have everything he wanted. We build these people up to untenable heights and then act shocked when they come crashing down because their character was never what they pretended it to be, or what we wanted to see. He will face the music for his folly, but we are responsible for the political climate that lets campaigns become so foolish.

Video: Man hit with Taser five times dies

An illegal immigrant who was shocked five times by a Border Patrol officer subsequently died. Watch the video and listen to the narrative:

[cnn-video url=http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2012/04/23/exp-point-frey-young-taser.cnn]

On the horizon: Obama pushes for student loan relief

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama will visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Colorado at Boulder to launch an effort to get Congress to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling in July. Later he'll appear on NBC's talk show "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." In a rare meeting of the minds, likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney agrees that the student loan rates should remain low.

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