March 8th, 2010
11:13 AM ET

Web Pulse: Bullock, Streep, Hughes, and a 'Kanye moment'

Sandra Bullock accepts her award for Best Actress for the "The Blind Side."

Here’s a quick glance at the collective consciousness of the Web this Wednesday morning (most of which is still entirely Oscar-focused):

Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep - The two leading ladies battled for Best Actress last night, with Bullock coming out ahead and winning her first Oscar and handing Streep another loss. But most of the chatter this morning is about Bullock, who became the first person to win a "Razzie" (for her mostly dreadful performance in "All About Steve") and an Oscar (for "The Blind Side") for Best Actress in the same year. The other buzz? During Bullock's acceptance speech she paid tribute to "my lover, Meryl Streep," and praised the leading lady's kissing abilities. Google away.

John Hughes - To be fair, the actual trend is John Hughes' Death, but the news of Hughes' death isn't exactly new - the man behind some of the greatest coming-of-age movies was back in the spotlight Sunday after a moving tribute during the Oscars. Some of the stars of his most famous movies were a part of the tribute including: Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Jon Cryer Anthony Michael Hall, Macaulay Culkin (was anyone else shocked to see the normally reclusive Culkin at the Oscars? A bonus to whoever got him to attend.) Matthew Broderick, who spoke during the tribute, delivered a final goodbye in the most apropos way - with a simple "Danke Schoen."

Elinor Burkett - It didn't take more than a minute before Elinor Burkett took on a title she probably never expected - "the Oscars' Kanye West." The win for best documentary short took an odd turn when Burkett, the film’s producer got up on stage and began speaking in the middle of director-producer Roger Ross Williams. Within seconds, "she pulled a Kanye" began appearing on Twitter, and Monday morning she's still one of the hottest online trends. Apparently, there's some simmering tensions and legal issues between the two, according to a article in which both Burkett and Williams explained what happened during the ceremony.

Milton Hersey School - Your only non-Oscar topic today - sort of. This school probably wouldn't have made it on the list if it weren't for the Oscars and their audience. The school is becoming a hot search topic after they were part of an advertisement funded by chocolate giant Hershey's that "aimed at bringing a national spotlight to the residential school for financially or socially impoverished children," according to a article.

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