March 12th, 2010
02:02 PM ET

Showbiz Update: Katherine Heigl, Eclipse trailer, Conan

Two non-arrivals to report this afternoon: another baby from TomKat and any trace Katherine Heigl on the set of "Grey's Anatomy." It looks like little Suri Cruise will have to wait for a baby brother or sister, and the patients at Seattle Grace shouldn’t be holding their breath for Dr. Izzie either.

In other non-news, Conan O'Brien still doesn't have a show. But, hey, he's got a tour! And if you didn't heart Coco enough already, get this: in addition to just giving him a reason to get out of the house, this tour is also a way to support the “Tonight Show” staff until the ink is signed on his next gig.

And if you haven’t seen this yet, you clearly don’t spend enough time with tweens or cougars: The “Eclipse” trailer hit the web this morning. OMFG.

- Katie Caperton, Special to CNN

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