March 15th, 2010
08:55 AM ET

On the Radar: Education, health care, severe weather

President Obama is set to introduce his plans to overhaul failing schools.

No Child Left Behind - President Obama is set to give Congress a blueprint Monday for overhauling the nation's education system and the No Child Left Behind program in an effort to improve schools, support teachers and set standards that would give high school graduates "the best chance to succeed in a changing world." Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said her first look at the plan made teachers the sole "scapegoat" if students' test scores did not improve, much more so than principals, school administrators, parents and the students themselves.

We look at the current state of the educational system, break down what the changes may mean and look at what role the government should play in the best and worst schools in the country.

Health care - President Obama heads to Strongville, Ohio, on Monday, to further push for a health care overhaul on what may be the make-or-break week for health care, especially after Obama canceled his trip to Asia and with the latest deadline for full legislation on Thursday looming.

Republican opponents of the president's health care reform plan predicted Sunday that Democrats will be severely punished by angry voters in the midterm elections. Democrats shot back that populist elements of the controversial plan will actually pay off for Democrats in the fall. We take a look at where the votes stand, what's at stake in the vote (both politically and for regular Americans), and bring you the latest reporting from the floors of Congress and behind-the-scenes discussions lawmakers continue to have.

Severe weather - Crews fought Mother Nature to restore power to more than 400,000 homes as a powerful low-pressure system churned off the Eastern Seaboard on Monday. The storm kicked up hurricane-force winds and dumped up to six inches of rain in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions on Sunday. Our Weather Center will continue to follow the impact of the storm, the latest developments and bring you any iReports for the latest conditions.

Fiji cyclone - Tropical Cyclone Tomas battered Fiji's northern islands on Monday evening, with winds of more than 170 mph. The Category 4 storm is the second-most destructive on a five-point scale. As it heads southeast, it is expected to sideswipe the main island, Viti Levu. The South Pacific nation's capital, Suva, is on that island. We'll continue to monitor the storm and bring you the latest. If you're there, send us an iReport.

Toyota - Technicians who tested a Toyota Prius after its owner claimed its gas pedal stuck were unable to re-create the same condition, according a memo prepared for Congress. A lawyer for the driver claimed he's not surprised, that Toyota hasn't ever been able to re-create the condition. Does the memo possibly cast any doubt on other driver claims? Or does it mean Toyota may not have a full grasp on the problem? Our reporters will continue to cover the latest developments  including any news from a press conference expected from Toyota later today.

South by Southwest - We'll continue to deliver the latest in breaking and developing technology news out of the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, where our team of reporters is breaking down the latest news. Check our the SciTech blog or follow our Tech reporters on Twitter at @cnntech

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    You cannot blame the Teachers all the time for the kids failing to learn. You said it yourdelf Mr . President learning starts at home The Teachers can only do so much . The Parents are not doing thier part trying to help their kids learn . This is what happens when you have single parents. Who's fault is that , not the teachers.

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