March 15th, 2010
10:45 AM ET

Update: Weather causing delays at Northeast airports

Airports across the Northeast are experiencing delays because of bad weather, according to the FAA.

- La Guardia Airport (NY): Bad weather and winds are causing delays at La Guardia airport, averaging at about 2 hours and 47 minutes.

- Philadelphia International Airport: More bad weather and low ceilings are causing departures out of the airport to be delayed on average 1 hour and 3 minutes.

- Newark International Airport: Low ceilings and weather are causing some flights to arrive about an hour later.

- Boston Logan Airport: Because of weather and low ceilings, the airport has a traffic management program in effect, which is causing some arriving flights to be delayed by about 32 minutes.

Check with your airline or the FAA for up to the minute travel delays.

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  1. Tim R

    Just needed to understand If I'm the only one wondering why our media & weather forcasters showed no Real concern about this past extream storm. I heard a weekend storm of rain & some windy conditions but nothing mentioned about 90 mlph winds. I havn't seen a weather disaster in our area in many years. I just feel it was not reported properly of the extream proportion & feeling if they did there job properly we would have been more prepaired. This storm was not a suprise but yet just another example of the lack of confidence I have for in the Media & weather forcasters. If it was a snow storm we would have been told Day's in inadvance the amout of inches but this time told 50mlph winds expected but recieved 90mlph for hours not just a few gust's I watched to see for updatesd as tree's dropped like fly's & shingels flew in the air indangering humans. Not one channel covered the storm during it's rath with any public service info. Am I the only fool wondering why we were not informed properly ??? People Died, Died, Died from the lack of accurite wind speeds & servere weather conditions occuring.

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  2. john doe

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  3. john doe

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