March 25th, 2010
08:34 PM ET

Steele: Violence wrong response to health care bill

Republicans have the right to be angry over the Democrat's health care bill, but "resorting to violent measures is exactly the wrong way to send a message," Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Thursday.

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  1. Curious George

    Is anyone surprised? The GOP is now run by extremists. Right Wing junkies that hate everything. How sad that I used to be one of them. We were the only western country w/o health care for it's citizens. How great could we be? This is going to back fire on them BIG TIME in November. This will be the republican Waterloo. It's history, look it up...

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  2. Life In Colorado

    It looks as though the Republicans are getting a taste of their own medicine. Since when did providing an alternative plan for healh care to citizens become "tyranny"?? The health care system in America is fundamentally broke..and yes, it's going to take money to fix it. And remember back when the American citizens were told that banks and AIG were "too big to fail" sung to the tune of billions and billions of dollars of OUR money. Isn't our national public education system "too big to fail"? Many states are struggling to operate due to severe budget cuts. Vital state programs are being cut due to this bailout..and where are the Republicans? They were in power for eight years, and where were their plans to addres the health care problems in this country? Republican bullying tactics are not going to work!

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    We look on from afar with mouths open in disbelief that this is even an issue. Stunned by the fact that the richest country in the world is arguing and getting violent about caring for its elderly and sick defies common sense and logic! The rest of the western world has been taking care of its needy for nearly a hundred years. Nothing to do with communism, capitalism or any other ism. After recently visiting the US I'm just amazed at the fury generated from so called Christians and that idiot Limburgh (sic). What a fine charitable nation you have! Glad to say that some yanks recognise the obsurdity of it but I hope you don't suffer too much from the ignorant fools with misguided agendas too much. Children, the elderly and sick don't deserve that!

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  4. Debby

    In the United States we are given the right to expression and freedom of choice.
    Having said this all are welcome to opinions. I clearly understand those who do not learn from the past are conditioned to repeat it. I choose not to have the government mandate my personal choice. It is not economically viable for my budget or my ethical and moral standing.
    I do not condemn those that choose government assistance, But, I do see it unlawful to FORCE a fine on those who choose not to have government take over.
    I made a choice February 2010 to have Health Coverage for my son and not myself. That is my choice due to my economic status at this time, I do not ask for others to pay for my choice nor should government mandate I should pay for their choice.

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  5. George Estephan

    The extreemist republican are over with.
    They will be voted out of office come next November.
    Extreemism in any form is wrong.
    I am a Republicn and proud of it, but can not agree with everything the party boses do. When we are wrong we should admit it, majority rules.

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  6. hugh

    Debby-I guess people with coverage along with taxpayers and hospitals shouln't be left paying for your medical costs should you wind up in the hospitals critical care unit for weeks.Wouldn't surprise me that all of the above would be left holding the bag for your enormous bills which would then be passed on to responsible people who buy coverage.Any way you cut it,you are just cost shifting your costs onto other patients.


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  7. richp the poconos

    I agree 100%, but when you tick off over 65% of the population in the US by going against their wishes, knowingly and with forethought and planning you expect what ????? kudos maybe. Actually 65% is very conservative, you managed to successfully tick off 175% between the democrats and republicans and the white house by ticking them off on multiple occasions, quite an accomplishment, may even be some kind of record.

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  8. Frank Smith

    Socislized medicine sucks... The cost of your health care will skyrocket and the quality of care will go down the toilet. Thanks Obama

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