March 30th, 2010
05:00 AM ET

World update: Day of mourning after Moscow bombings

An update from London on some of the stories we expect to develop on Tuesday:

Russia mourning - Russia has declared Tuesday a day of mourning after suicide bombers attacked two subway stations in Moscow on Monday, killing at least 38 and wounding more than 60.

Cern accelerator - The world's largest particle accelerator was set to enter a "new territory" in physics Tuesday by attempting to make two proton beams collide at high energy.

Toyota quality – Toyota’s new global quality committee has revealed structural changes that it hopes will prevent future recalls.

Colombia hostage  - Leftist rebels are expected to release the second of two Colombian soldiers Tuesday, an official says.  Sgt. Pablo Emilio Moncayo has been held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for 12 years.

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  1. Bharat_Wasi

    as a native of Bharat, I know what it is like to be when Muslim are exploding in sheer madness of religion. Our history can serve as example as to how these Muslims have been ravaging since the days of Timur the Lame who massacred 100 000 innocent men, women and children in name of religion. Ever since then and with advent of Britishers, who further used this to exploit terrorism of Christianity and Islam and grew rich, muslims have taken each and every chance to kill non muslims in name of religion. I hope people of world unite and see through the evil that Abrahmic religions have brought upon this world. My deepest sympathies for the persons who died in this cowardly act of muslim beasts. We also need to stand against this society which is equally responsible for breeding, nurturing and fostering such evil beasts. We should stand united to eliminate those who are a danger to freedom of thought and rightful action citing some stupid outdated books. Russia has always stood with our nation and we are deeply hurt, anguished by the cowardly act of beasts on our friends. With our humble prayer for peace to departed souls.

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