April 5th, 2010
05:38 PM ET

Jackson doctor hearing delayed

The judge overseeing the case of the last doctor to treat Michael Jackson handed his case off to another judge Monday, prompting a delay of a hearing that is expected to determine whether Dr. Conrad Murray can keep his California medical license while he faces trial in the pop star's death.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor is now presiding over the case. Murray faces involuntary manslaughter charges in Jackson's death.

The doctor was immediately ordered to go from the 13th floor to the ninth floor to Pastor's courtroom.

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  1. Roma

    I spent a bit of time at the court today, just to see what was happening. I spoke to a few of the fans there. One, a girl called Erin was really lovely. She told me she wasn't there to cause a riot or because of blind hero-worship, but had come to make sure that Michael Jackson – whose voice can no longer be heard, isn't re-tried and smeared in order to excuse the obvious negligence that caused his death.

    I came away, after talking to Erin with this view. I will be viewing the media reports about 'wacko' fans with a heavy dose of scepticism. Far from being crazed devotees, these fans are actually individuals who cannot, and should not generalized and dismissed just because they are calling attention to the American judicial system's previous ill- treatment of Michael Jackson. We all know the media has a history of seriously biased reporting when it comes to Michael Jackson.

    And the reality is, attacking the fans is just another way of attacking a dead man's memory.

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  2. Sharon

    I find it very interesting that the details of Michael Jackson's death still seem very vague almost a year after his death. Stories about his death continue to change. It's difficult to keep track and I wonder if we'll ever really know the truth. I suppose that's why Transit Media is making documentary about Jackson's final days. There will be ample material for "Gone Too Soon".

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