April 6th, 2010
09:27 AM ET

On the Radar: West Virginia mine explosion, nuclear policy

A Whitesville, West Virginia, sign makes a plea for those affected by a deadly mine blast.

Here’s a look at some of the stories CNN.com reporters are working on Tuesday:

West Virginia mine explosion - Crews hope to resume their search for four miners still unaccounted for at the Upper Big Branch Mine after a deadly blast Monday left 25 people dead.  A mining official said it could take up to two days to drill bore holes into the sprawling West Virginia coal mine. CNN's reporters will bring you the latest at the scene and try to learn more about the people trapped and those who have died.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known, but methane gas has been blamed in several deadly mining accidents in recent years. They include the 2006 explosion at the Sago mine, also in West Virginia, that killed 12 people. At the Upper Big Branch Mine, three other deaths have occurred in 12 years, according to federal records.

Obama nuclear policy - The United States is expected to swear off the development of new generations of nuclear weapons and reduce its reliance on them in a sweeping overhaul of nuclear strategy due out Tuesday. President Obama is scheduled to announce the new strategy Tuesday, two days before he plans to sign a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia that reduces both countries' missile stockpiles.

The president is expected to be joined by several Cabinet members, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Energy Secretary Steven Chu. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux and Dan Lothian are at the White House and will bring you the latest on the story. We'll also be carrying Obama's remarks live and taking a look at what the policy means and any reaction from other world leaders.

Ban at Dover Air Force Base - A year ago the U.S. military allowed media to photograph the return of remains of a soldier for the first time since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started. CNN's Mike Mount looks at what the impact of the policy has been on families and the military, journalists and the public.

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  1. Bishop Walter Dixon's Prayer For West Virginia Miners Families Lost Of Love Ones

    Merciful Lord, who art the strength of sufferers and the comfort of those who are heavy of heart: incline thine ear, we beseech thee, to the prayers of all who cry unto thee in their troubles; succor the distressed, uphold the fainting, relieve the suffering, console the sad, and make thy face to shine upon the famillies of the miners, O lord, thou lover of souls whose wisdom is beyond our understanding, surround the familiesof the miners with your love, that they may not be overwhelmed by their loss but have confidence in your goodness, and strength to meet the day to come. May our Lord Jesus Christ be near the families to defend them, within us to refresh us around us to preserve us, before us to guide us, behind us to justify us, above us to bless us. Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost. Their souls are bound up in ours for ever. We see them now with the eyes of memory, their faults forgiven, their virtues grown larger. So does goodness live, and weakness fade from sight. We remember them with gratitude and bless their names. Their memory is a blessing for ever. And we remember as well the fallen one who but yesterday were part of our community. To all who cared for them and labored for all people, we pay tribute. May we prove worthy of carrying on the tradition of our faith for the task is now their families. Their souls are bound up in all of ours for ever. We give you thanks that they now live and reign with you. As a great crowd of witnesses, they surround us with their blessings, and offer your humns of praise and thanksgiving. That they are alive for ever more in your kingdom. Let us remember and thank God whom we worship for making us your children by grace and for sustaining us with the bread of life: We thank you, Lord. For your presence wherever we have gathered: We thank you, Lord. For the pardon of our sins, especially when Christians have martyred Christians, which restores us to the fellowship of your faithful people, the saints: We thank you, Lord. For the faith of those who have gone before us, thr their encouragement to their families: We thank you Lord. Amen. Bishop Walter Dixon Forgiveness Missionary Church Of Christ P.O. Box 832161 Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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  2. Kris in Georgia

    My prayers go out to the heavy hearts of West Virginia's mine explosion event. It is interesting to note that there was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake on Sunday, April 4 at 5.19 am just 111 miles (epicenter was near Gassaway) from the mine explosion in West Virginina. Could it have been a contributing factor? Is the mine along the same fault line?

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