April 8th, 2010
03:08 AM ET

Alleged militia leader rants on secretly recorded tape

In a secretly recorded audiotape, the alleged ringleader of an  anti-government Michigan militia expresses anger over the "new world order" and the "brotherhood," of law enforcement officers.

"In this nation, we think we are free, but you need a certificate to be born, a license to drive, a permit to build, a number to get a job and even a paper after you die," says David Bryan Stone Sr., 45, the alleged head of the Hutaree militia, accused of conspiring to overthrow the government and plotting to kill police officers.

"These are permission slips from the terrorists organization called the new world order," Stone says in the tape, which was recorded clandestinely by an FBI agent who infiltrated the militia, and obtained exclusively by CNN.

Government prosecutors played the recording during an April 2 bond hearing for alleged Hutaree members, arguing that the defendants would be a danger to the community and a flight risk if they were freed on bail before trial.

A federal magistrate in Detroit, Michigan, agreed and ordered eight militia suspects to be held in jail pending their trial.

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  1. Mohammad

    Remeber so called in Soviet Union pro- freedom figher use to talk similair language. It matter of time where over governance will not be tolerated by society.

    It is time to think not to put in dust bin


    April 8, 2010 at 3:32 am | Report abuse |
  2. Joe Smo

    All of these freedoms that you give up are actually protecting your freedom. The are helping to enforce the Golden Rule, the foundation of civilized society. A birth certificate IS a form of tracking you. Would you rather we all go by tribal names and I can steal your identity just by saying I am Long John? Yeah, driver's liscences. This is an effort to protect you from other people from doing crazier stuff than what already goes on. What you describe, your idea of freedom, is actually anarchy. You think that everyone should have a gun to enforce the Golden Rule for themselves. Before you dedicate your life to this ideal, do some research. Travel the world and see what a third world country looks like. I know for sure that you freedom fighters have not done this. You have not gone to another continent. The "freedoms" that we give up protect the bigger freedoms. You don't even want the government to know about your land. Well, how about I blow it and you up and stake it for my own. This is what will happen. The person with the biggest gun wins. I am all for armed citizens. But this idea of anarchy, the biggest gun wins is not freedom. Please, again. Do your homework. Travel to ANY country that does not have these inpediments on your freedom and find out how free you are over there. And if you decide that you like it, maybe you could do what our Patriots did and start your own colony. See if you can get a country in the midwest to call your own country and leave the rest of the 99.999% of us alone. You seriously need to rethink you ideas of freedom and exactly what it means and what the purpose is behind the goverment knowing where your land is, or requiring driver's liscences.

    April 8, 2010 at 3:38 am | Report abuse |