April 12th, 2010
02:05 PM ET

No charges in Roethlisberger case

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not face criminal charges, a Georgia district attorney said Monday.

Roethlisberger was accused last month of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman at a Milledgeville, Georgia, nightspot.

"The sexual allegation against Mr. Roethlisberger cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt," said Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright. "Therefore, there will be no arrest made, nor criminal prosecution of Mr. Roethlisberger for his actions here on March 5, 2010."

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  1. RM

    Who knows outside the folks who investigated (and the 2 parties involved) what really happened? I really dislike that his name's been in the news in a negative fashion 2 times. I hate it for the fans more than him. This type of news is not usually associated with Steeler players. But we can't assume anything. Just because he's wealthy does not mean he's guilty and got away with something. There are enough gold diggers out there, we all (including him) know that. There is also a chance that he did do something. If he does have a problem, he'll get exposed, no pun intended. I just hope he's playing for someone else at that time. He definitely needs to be more careful.

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  2. JA

    Note to Common Sense: She messed up a "good guy's" life? Are you really that naive? This isn't the first accusation against him. Are you not seeing the pattern? Good guy? No. Good lawyer? Perhaps.

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  3. Dave F

    If they could have made the charges stick, the local law enforcement and district attorney would have. Why does everything have to be about his celebrity? Is it possible that they just didn't have enough evidence? In my area, the DA dropped charges against some junior college kids who allegedly raped two drunk girls at a party. It's not that they wanted to let the perpetrators go, it was that when it comes down to one person's word against another, they won't waste tax payer money without evidence.

    In Big Ben's case, it's hard not to speculate after two separate situations, but you could also speculate that maybe he is a bigger target and that athletes and celebrities do get wrongly accused and there are some people out there trying to make an easy buck...OJ was different in that there was a mountain of evidence against him.

    We love to tear down our heroes from their pedestals....

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  4. mrrusss

    Anyone who can't get past their little jealosy of a successful person, hope something like this happens to you someday. Continue to allow women to do this with impunity? Are you kidding me? Does anyone care about real rape victims? The McNulty case was an absolute disgrace. The "inconsistencies" haven't and may not come out in this case, but it stinks of the same thing. In 4 years, doing security at a relatively small organization, I have seen 5 false rape accusations, and I don't know about all of them. Some examples, one girl didn't want her boyfriend to move away; she wanted him to be too worried about her "rape". One girl was pregnant by a black guy and made up a "black guy raped her" story. No celebrity scams yet, but I'm sure if we had celebrities...
    On the football side of it, I'm a Steelers fan, and I'd like to see the Rooneys trade him like Holmes, and trading Holmes is horrible in terms of winning (another Rooney class move). But with the 10-year, $100 million contract, it's unreasonable even for them. The big dumb@55 better stay home and practice throwing passes for the rest of the summer.

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    It's obvious these charges had a lot more truth than false being this was the second time in less than a year. All I got to say to Big Ben is Karma. Ole girl has a way of getting back at you.

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  6. Karin

    And we wonder why most men think they can get away with anything. All these athletes and television male personalities just get a slap on the hand (I am sure there are some women too, but lately the men have been in the news). Maybe some endorsements dropped, but when you have millions it does not hurt them. Then the public goes back to supporting them. Be true to yourself and others. Stop being such idiots! Just because you are famous does not mean you can belittle other people and treat them imporoperly and get away with it....oh wait....I guess it does!

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  7. Common Sense

    lol at all these people saying that rich people get away with anything. Why it may apply in some cases, it does not in this one.

    This girl is clearly a gold digger hoping to sue the guy in hopes of him settling out of court for a large amount of money.

    Do you really think that this guy would have any problem getting a girl?
    A rich, Pro Football player doesn't need to rape/ or assault a girl.

    He should sue this girl for defamination of character

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  8. Jen

    Only time will tell. Once maybe, but twice accused of the same thing. Odd wouldn't you say. At some point we would have to ask ourselves is it him or is it them. If he's prone to bad behavior with the ladies, unfortunately, no matter how much they watch him it will come up again.

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  9. lolmobjusticelol

    The fact that everyone assumes he is guilty just because he is famous and the charges were dropped is completely insane. You guys are very reminiscent of the peasants in the middle ages cheering on the public executions, despite being completely ignorant of any perpetuated wrongdoing. Nice. Yes, let's assume he is guilty because he is famous. That's why people cry wolf in hopes of hitting the jackpot.

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  10. Kate

    This doesn't say he's exonerated – only that there's not enough evidence to proceed. It's pretty common for criminal cases not to go forward because the evidence isn't substantial enough to get a conviction and with everyone under heavy budget scrutiny – the DA would need to be pretty sure he could win a case before he committed financial resources to it. Especially when it's a high profile case.

    For those pushing Ben to sue her in civil court – that could be a big mistake for him. Because in civil court the evidence requirements aren't as fierce and he could easily be found guilty. ex: Simpson wasn't convicted in criminal court – but he was in civil court. Which is why I doubt you're going to find Ben sidling up to an attorney and going after her for defamation.

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  11. Who is the judge

    Don't know if it was concentual or force, nobody that wasn't involved knows. If guilty hang him, if not let him alone. It is the job of law enforcement to decide, with evidence if it was forced or not. I this case they did not, and money and the defence it can buy can win a trial, but never got that far here so probably had nothing to do with it. Was a name maker for the prosecutor, so would have charged if at all reasonable. Ben needs to cover his a** when he is out in public into the future.

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  12. Anthony

    Does anyone here actually know the facts? Yes it's sick athletes get away with this murder (or rape), and yes it's sick that some people cry wolf for 15 minutes of fame. I think everyone would agree with both of those statements. But do we have any support to make either of these accusations?

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  13. AM

    Me again – I think the Tiger Wood's incident has taught me alot about women – (and I am one). They will do anything for money. A Lot of the women that came forward for Tiger all got pretty big payouts. Clearly they came out for the money. How they kept their mouths shut for all that time is beyond me, but once the story broke they were all out seeing what they could get for their stories.. $$$$$ is all they see. I would not want to be a star athlete today. People are looking to get the $$ somehow no matter what. If nothing really happened I do not think this girls name should be kept silent. His life is ruined no matter what.

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  14. Conrad S. Bane

    I'm surprised that 2 of the 3 anti-accuser comments here are from women (I assume – trixie and Amanda; can't tell Common Sense's gender). I'm a man, but I can can't imagine the shame and humiliation that a woman has to go through when she reports a sexual assault, especially one by a well-known figure. So imagine (and I mean literally imagine), you fonts of sensitivity, what it would be like to walk into an emergency room and tell a receptionist (not, by the way, a doctor or nurse) that you'd just been sexually assaulted and needed to get checked. Then you get to go into an area screened off by a sheet, completely undress, and endure the physical and mental/emotional discomfort of an examination that goes a bit beyond your typical yearly ob/gyn exam. And all of that before the inevitable public backlash by geniuses like yourselves. Yeah, that sounds like something I'd be willing to do on the off chance that I'd be able to win a settlement with no evidence (because I'd obviously made everything up) and hopefully not actually get a judgment against me, forcing me to pay the legal fees of the accused. Have you guys ever actually thought about any of this, or are you such blinkered Steelers fans that you can't imagine your beloved QB doing such a thing?

    Well I'll say this: where there's smoke, there's fire. And if there's a settlement in this case, it's because BR doesn't want the testimony and medical reports that the DA (probably correctly) didn't think would stand up to the burden of unreasonable doubt to come to light. I'm guessing that that testimony and records wouldn't shine too favorable a light on BR's position, and would most likely cost him at least a full season suspension (as opposed to the 2-4 games that he's probably going to get as it is).

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  15. David

    He's guilty and he's lucky he's getting off. Girl doesn't want to testify and endure any more hardship, that's the only reason he's not being prosecuted.

    April 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm | Report abuse |
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