April 13th, 2010
01:54 AM ET

Cyclist killed in collision with nuclear summit motorocade

A woman was killed in downtown Washington, D.C., on Monday when her bicycle collided with a National Guard vehicle that was part of the security motorcade for the ongoing nuclear summit, authorities said.

The collision took place shortly after 6 p.m. at the intersection of 12th Street and New York Avenue - about five blocks from the convention center where world leaders from nearly 50 nations are gathered for the two-day summit.

A brief statement from the summit's Joint Information Center offered no details on whether the cyclist hit the 2-and-a-half-ton truck, often referred to as "deuce and a half," or if the truck ran into the woman.

The gathering at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation's capital began Monday. It is considered an unprecedented effort to rally global action on securing vulnerable nuclear materials.

It also is the centerpiece of a major objective by President Obama that aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology.

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  1. YeahIDid

    First let me say I'm very sorry for that families loss, it's tragic when anyone dies, and I hope they are able to cvercome their loss. That being said...same road, same rules, same rights...different weight class! If cyclists want to "share the road", fine, but they MUST understand that when an error occurs, and it's a mathematical certainty that errors will occur, the cyclist is going to lose (and very likely pay with their life) EVERY time. I just love how the majority of the cycling community automatically assumes the vehicle driver was at fault and should be punished. I ride a motorcycle, knowing full well every time I'm on the road that I could lose my life to a heavier motor vehicle, but I understand and accept that burden and don't try to push it off on everyone else by asking them to "share the road". I do my very best to ride safe, wear my safety gear, always watch my distances, plan escape routes, etc...but all it takes is one instant of me losing my focus and the results could be life-ending...just like on a bicycle. If you're going to ride a bicycle (or a motorcycle) on roads designed and engineered for four-wheeled vehicular traffic weighing exponentially more and carrying thousands of times the inertial force, it's fine by me, but accept your responsibility to keep yourself out of harms way and don't expect me to do it for you...I've got all I can handle making phone calls, drinknig my coffee and trying to shave while I'm driving my Hummer H1 Alpha with my knees. Okay, that last comment was tongue in cheek...but you know they're out there...

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  2. R Barrett

    I was there on business. I crossed the intersection on foot prior to the accident and returned to the location just after the accident. The intersection was being blocked by National Guard vehicles (North and South) for nuclear summit motorcades to pass unobstructed. Prior to the accident and at the time of the accident the intersection had a DC policeman at each corner, there were four motorcycle policeman, two on each side of the intersection (East and West) I estimate a total of 10 police and 12 National Guard at the intersection. I'm not sure why the trucks were moved, possibly to reposition, nothing appeared to be different with respect to the position of the vehicles when I returned. A witness indicated that the dessert camo duce and a half was going forward when it hit the 61 yr old women who just left work from a building on the same block. When I returned the women and her bike were covered by a white sheet. A video of the accident revealed two duce and a half truck proceeding slowly to block the traffic entering the intersection. There was one spotter in the video (National Guard on foot to be sure all was clear). The intersection south of and north of the army vehicles were also blocked by patrol cars. I guess if a vehicle got through the parkec patrol cars, the larger trucks would be the last obsticle prior to the motorcade traffic. The woman policeman assigned to the corner was in a patol car and was upset after seeing the accident. (I'm not sure if the North/South and East/West are correct but all should understand the concept)

    From my point of view, the police woman assigned to that corner of the intersection should have kept the pedestrian safe. The woman lay dead just off the corner of the intersection right where the police woman was standing.

    Hiopefullly this describes the situation better for the readers.

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  3. Jorria

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