April 13th, 2010
01:30 PM ET

WebPulse: Glee, MacBook Pro, Nadia Bloom, Chan Ho Park

Glee returns tonight and has served up a host of extras.

Here’s a quick glance at the collective consciousness of the Web on Tuesday:

GLEE - Gleeks the day has come - the long-anticipated return of the hit show "Glee" airs tonight and fans couldn't be more excited. The show, which has the possibility of making more people smile after a bad day than any other, returns with a force (and a slew of extra materials to get you excited for tonight.) And if it's not excitement Gleeks are sharing online today - it's all those extras.

No need to search. We've got you covered. Check out a sneak peek of this season and Lea Michele's performance of "Gives You Hell," or Matthew Morrison's appearance on the Ellen show.) Momentum continues to push the success of the Jimmy Fallon/SNL/Parks and Recreation parody of Glee (which, is shot unbelievably similar to the style of the show itself.) And if that's not enough, Glee's going to give you a sneak peek at next weeks much-hyped Madonna-themed episode by airing Sue Sylvester's version of the "Vogue" video during tonight's episode. But also for those DVR'ing the show tonight, make sure to set the recorder early and record extra - Glee has advertised that the episode tonight starts at 9:28 p.m ET. Whether the intent is to grab Idol's extra viewers, or some other strange strategy, that's when the time is set for. Your DVR should automatically pick it up, but tack on the extra time just in case. There you go, your Glee primer for tonight. Now go Gleek out!

NADIA BLOOM - Everyone loves when a potentially bad story has a happy ending and that couldn't be more true today with the case of Nadia Bloom who was found alive. Officials carried the 11-year-old girl out of the dense, swampy forest in Florida on Tuesday, four days after she disappeared. The team, carrying Nadia Bloom in a cloth stretcher, trudged through brush for nearly two hours to bring her out of the area near Lake Jesup in Florida.

NEW MACBOOK PRO - Just because it's not an iPad doesn't mean Apple fans aren't paying attention. The company on Tuesday took a break from the iPad-lovefest and rolled out its newest MacBook Pro laptops, promising faster processors and longer battery life while reminding folks that machines can specialize in areas the much-hyped slate computer doesn't.

GUM WRAPPER PROM DRESS - Every year people make their prom dresses out of duck tape. But not Elizabeth Rasmuson - this year she's upping the ante. Forget the plain silver tape, Rasmuson took on her own creative dress made entirely out of gum wrappers. To top that, she even made a matching vest for her date, and it looks pretty good.

CHAN HO PARK - The Yankees pitcher is getting hit pretty hard - and that's not even on the mound. A video of Park is making rounds for all the wrong reasons. Park was being questioned about his bad performance and he was brutally honest about why his control and pitching wasn't top-notch. And well - it's personal. It's stomach related. And a little disgusting. With his teammates cracking up in the background, and ace closer Mariano Rivera visibly laughing on camera, Chan Ho Park just couldn't quite figure out what was so funny. Check the video out if you want in on the interview some are calling the best sports interview in a long time, but don't say we didn't warn you about the gross out factor.

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