April 21st, 2010
03:06 PM ET

Palin on 2012: 'If it's right, then we will pursue that'

Sarah Palin continues to leave the door to a White House run wide open.

In an interview with "100 Huntley Street," a daily Christian talk show based in Ontario, the former Alaska governor said she "doesn't know politically what is next for me."

But Palin said she will "pursue" a presidential bid in 2012 if she decides it's the best way to help everyday people with their challenges.

The former vice presidential candidate has generally avoided talking specifically about her 2012 plans, but her comments in Canada are her most forthcoming since she told Fox News in February that it would be "absurd" not to consider a presidential bid.

Palin said she and her family have had an "exciting and full ride" since the 2008 presidential campaign ended. Her travels around the country over the last year and a half, she explained, have given her a glimpse of some of the struggles that regular Americans face every day.

"If I can help provide some encouragement, some inspiration, some hope for them to get through their battles and make good decisions and get through a challenge, because that's what we've been able to do, then I am going to stay focused on that," she said in the interview, set to air next week. "Whether that's on a local level in my own little town of Wasilla, or in the Oval Office, if it's right, then we will pursue that."

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  1. Angela Lindsey

    Go Sarah!

    Palin 2012

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  3. Keiko

    I wish more people got this, Jim. Social media partfolms have made it too easy to share indiscriminately, to pass things on without taking a few moments to illuminate WHY we thought it worth sharing. It's just too darned easy to like or RT.And that is one of the reasons I left Triberr. It was auto-tweeting for me and people kept joining the tribe, people I didn't know, and there I was recommending their stuff. It was out of control and I really felt I needed to read their stuff first before I retweeted it. So yes, for me it is also credibility and reputation management. And I wanted to articulate why I was passing it on, rather than it being robotic. Very useful post here.

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