April 23rd, 2010
10:49 AM ET

Taiwan singer lights up Web again - with William Shatner

Lin Yu Chun performs a duet with William Shatner on "Lopez Tonight!"

Taiwanese singer Lin Yu Chun first became an internet sensation when a video of him singing Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" hit YouTube, but his first performance in America on "Lopez Tonight!" may be what keeps him around for Web infamy even longer.

That is, because he performed alongside another clutch viral performer, William Shatner. And he handled it like a pro.

The pair joined forces for a performance of Bonnie Tyler's “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” And the result, well, if you've seen William Shatner, you know it wasn't typical.

TBS.com: Watch the duet between Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner

What begins as a strange, odd marriage of performers, turns into a hilarious and actually amusing version of the song. Shatner keeps to his wacky Captain Kirk voice schtick as Lin Yu Chun lets his voice rip across the song, much to the audiences delight.

And it appears the Web agrees too as the views on the video on TBS.com continue to skyrocket and is being shared across Twitter and Facebook at staggering rates. (TBS, like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner.)

For his part, Shatner enjoyed sharing the spotlight with the Taiwanese internet sensation.

"Lin Yu Chun was phenomenal on Lopez Tonight! What a dilemma for me having to come sing with him," Shatner tweeted after the episode.

The Taiwanese singer, who we dubbed as the next Susan Boyle after his version of Whitney Houston's song, showed his dedication to the diva of all divas by belting out another unbelievable version of one of her songs. This time, he tackled, "Saving all My Love For You," and slayed it - laying down runs and belting high notes that would make this season's "American Idol" contestants blush merely because none of them can touch his vocal prowess.

TBS.com: Watch Lin Yu Chun sing "Saving all My Love For You"

He also did an interview with Lopez that had both its awkward and hilarious moments (and some translation issues because of the language barrier.) But Lin Yu Chun took it all in stride, remarking about his not-so-great English, but saying he was embracing the love America had shown him.

TBS.com: Watch Lopez interview Lin Yu Chun

And he was also ready to embrace the two things the singer was most excited for in America: Hamburgers and Häagen Dazs.

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