April 26th, 2010
03:12 PM ET

Security Brief: The CIA’s new blueprint

CIA Director Leon Panetta unveiled a blueprint today for his Agency’s future.

Calling it CIA 2015, the plan follows three basic pillars: investing in people (including boosting the Agency’s foreign language capabilities); investing more heavily in technology; and becoming more agile when it comes to both the Agency’s presence around the world, and having the capability to respond to emergencies.

“We govern either by leadership or by crisis,” Panetta told employees. “Leadership means making tough choices and planning ahead. That’s why we’re taking a hard look at future challenges, and what we want our Agency to look like five years from now.”

Putting it into context, the Bush Administration mandated a 50 percent increase in the number of analysts and covert officer, a goal which was met. This directive calls for more intensive language training.

The blueprint also calls for he CIA to “enhance its use of more flexible and innovative deployments overseas – including new approaches to cover –“ refers to both the use of NOC’s – Non Official Cover – considered one of the more hazardous overseas assignments, and technology.

Another change that will likely prove significant in charting the Agency’s new path will come next month with a number of personnel changes. Most significant will be the retirement of Panetta’s number two man, Stephen Kappes. He’ll be replaced by Agency veteran Michael Morell, and Agency veteran currently charged with finding ways to better integrate collection and analysis.

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    What happened to the CIA keeping things secret?

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