April 28th, 2010
12:22 PM ET

Group: Pair sold meatballs from protected monkey meat

Javan langurs are endangered because of illegal trade and poaching, according to aid and volunteer groups.

Two people were arrested for making and selling meatballs from the meat of protected monkeys, an Indonesian animal conservation group said on Wednesday.

The group, ProFauna, said in a statement that the couple successfully sold meatballs after hunting protecting Javan langurs, also known as silver-leaf monkeys.

"The couple admitted that they had known what they did was against the law and they hunted the monkeys for their meat because beef and chicken were more expensive than the protected monkeys,’" the statement said.

"Ironically, the couple poached the monkeys in the Baluran National Park areas and sometimes they just easily found some groups of the monkeys roaming around by the roads to search leftovers which were recklessly thrown by passengers."

Police also found "30 kilograms meat, estimated to come from 20 – 25 individuals, two rifles, and a live langur," according to the group.

The Javan Langur is an endangered species with numbers decreasing due to deforestation, poaching and the illegal trade, according to Global Vision International, a volunteer group in the U.K.

The group said that current laws mean the pair could face up to a five years in prison if convicted.

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  1. Jesus

    first of all you tree lovers get a life second of all theres a reason why we can eat any animal were higher up in the food chain duh

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