May 1st, 2010
04:27 PM ET

Congressman arrested at immigration rally

Police arrested Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez at an immigration rally outside the White House on Saturday.
Gutierrez, a Democrat, was among a group of protesters arrested by police in front of the White House.
The protesters wore T-shirts that read, "ARREST ME NOT MY FAMILY" and "ARREST ME NOT MY FRIENDS."

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  1. Citizen Jay

    "I guess your family and friends are illegal immigrants Lawless Loooie!!! The only people protesting the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT legislation are either ignorant to the cost and effects of illegal immigrants or they have illegal interests such as family, friends, or employees!!!" ->Denny

    NOO! The people who are protesting this law are those that know this law induces racial profiling and those that may be caught up in the profiling. How would one suspect say a "Canadian Illegal"??? What kind of shoes do "Canadians" wear? How do they dress? The reality is that the police will size you up primarily by skin color, social status and stereotypes.Reality dictates that the ones being targeted are "brown" people. I am brown.....and a citizen. I should not be harassed. If you are "white" I understand you not caring. Denial, however, is not an acceptable argument.

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  2. David Mountain

    Dear editorialstatic – a comment from Tucson, AZ: The point is that with the AZ law if you are legal – a citizen – you DO INDEED have something to worry about. As citizens we are under no obligation to carry papers proving our citizenship, or even any form of ID. But if a law enforcement officer were to stop you and you didn't have proof or ID – how is he to magically know you're a citizen? He would have even more reason to be suspicious. So...if in AZ, you – a legal citizen of the US – are, in essence, required to carry proof of citizenship to insure you won't be picked for doing nothing more than being suspicious. This law was passed by the conservative right, who normally doesn't trust government for anything, but have now given that untrustworthy government, if chooses, an open door to harass anyone ... including them. And it puts the police in a no-win situation, being subject to lawsuit if they enforce this and if they don't enforce this strenuously. Its a bad law – not for what it does to illegal aliens, but what it does to legal citizens of this country.

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  3. anthony chiulli

    these deomnstrations are absurd, all illegans should be rounded up and shipped back to their country. We have laws and ways to come in this country legally as I did.

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  4. peanutsguy

    the problem is that most immigrants have no money for the procedures... they go to the US in search of the 'american dream', ' the 'land of freedom' in search of a better life, but the legislation makes it very difficult (and costly) to do so by making it very hard for immigrants (specially latin americans) to get a visa. They can't get a working visa because that's what they're going for, they haven't got a contact because they don't have possibilities, education and know how to have them... I'm not saying that the US should open it doors without control but they should create an department for immigration labor or something like that to help immigrants-to-be to get a job and have their papers in order...

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  5. Right on!

    We are going about this all the wrong way. Issue a federal ID card and ramp up workplace raids. Workplace raids are one of the surest ways to take care of this issue. If there is no place to work the illegals will have little reason to come to the US. One huge fine for the first infraction, loss of business license for the second. The government would do pick random companies from each state corporation commissions and simply show up one day to audit their I-9 documents. That takes any possiblitiy of "racism" off the table.

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  6. Don

    I don't understand why all of these people are so upset over this law. This law targets illegal immigration. It says nothing about 'Mexicans' or 'brown people'. There are plenty of illegals here from Canada and Ireland and they should get the boot as well when we find where they are living and working too. And the people who employ them should be heavily fined just as much as if they were employing someone from Juarez. Illegal is illegal. The law says nothing about skin color. I think a lot of people just want a cause to fight and have a big chip on their shoulder and really don't know what they are fighting about anyway.

    The bottom line is that if you are not breaking the law you have nothing to worry about. If you are protesting this law you are FOR breaking the law and you are an enemy of the people. That is the truth and those people should be looked at a little more closely.

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  7. Ron Edde

    To the hispanics who think this clown in some kind of hero, what part of "illegal" do you not understand? Does the hispanic community think they are "entitled" to avail themselves of all of our services just because so many of them come from hell holes elsewhere on the planet and are "less fortunate" than the average American?

    Ours is a nation of laws. If you and your relatives do not like that, then take your unwelcome asses and leave. I do NOT want to pay for your health care, I do NOT want to pay to educate your kids, I do NOT want to have to "press one for English." If you think our country is so unfair, try sneaking across the border into North Korea, Iran, Libya, or China. See what kind of "rights" you have there. You'll be lucky to escape with your life.

    And finally, for those of you who think that hispanics represent any kind of majority in this country, you are suffering from delusions of grandeur. Hispanics are very much a minority, and will be for the foreseeable future. This is not a race issue, or a civil rights issue. It's just that we don't have millions of Europeans, or Scandinavians, or New Zealanders crashing across our borders. You are pretty easy to spot, and we DON'T want you here unless you obey ALL of our laws.

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  8. badfrog

    Don't like the laws..the get the phuc out of MY GOD FEARING COUNTRY...And be sure to take that chicago community organizer muslim with you

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  9. Zeb

    My grandmother came here legally from Puerto Rico. My grandfather came here legally from Canary Islands by way of Cuba. My father and his parents came here legally from Greece. They all worked their butts off, learned the language and culture and raised me to be an American. In no way would they ever consider it "racist" to present any valid form of ID that they belong here. How dare any illegal alien feel imposed upon to show proof that they legally live in this country. So many people made so many sacrifices to legally come into this country and make it such a great place, that to whine and complain about being profiled, especially if they aren't here legally, is a complete disgrace. Illegal aliens are a huge burden on our society, and make little contribution. This is not about racism... this country is all about diversity and celebrates the different cultures that made us who we are. But anyone who comes to this country, doesn't pay taxes, takes jobs away and lowers the value of labor, sucks of the tit of welfare and other government entitlements... especially those who have committed other criminal activities... deserve to get booted out. We should also change the whole policy on anchor babies.

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  10. UsingBrain

    Uh, you're all missing the point. For most people opposing this, the problem isnt that its cracking down on illegals, it's that it is going to result in police harassing American citizens and legal immigrants. The United States has never started criminalizing an entire group because others with their skin color are breaking the law. The target should be employers who hire illegals. No jobs = less illegals.

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  11. aj

    Well he is finally doing something for the people instead of himself to bad it is for illegal immigrants and not his fellow AMERICANS !!! I do not understand why we are we not protesting the economy or taxes or something that involves actual Americans these people protesting are so out of touch lets deal with American problems wether you are a democrat or republican and quit catering to the 20 % trying to get amnesty for these ILLEGALS!! This is America lets try taking care of ourselves and solving our problems before we help the rest of the worl and Illegal immigrants!!!!!!!!

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  12. Mike Mitchell

    Sounds good to me, arrest them all & deport them all. "America, Love It or Leave It". Nobody is asking you to stay, in fact we are asking you to leave. Why stay where you are not wanted?

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  13. bubbaG


    "Carrying" will now have a new connotation! 🙂

    YES, I AM A 'carrying' citizen, armed with the proof of my citizenship but ready to defend those shot down by illegal scum sucking the blood from my tax dollar.

    Please take a moment to reflect on the innocent rancher and the law enforcement officers killed in the past two or so weeks, one yesterday. THEY have paid the price of our worthless government officials who leave our doors open to the criminals and blood sucking scum from across our borders. Not to mention the Islamist Terrorists who ALSO can walk across our border with a sack full of PETN to detonate on the first subway they can find.

    THINK ABOUT IT! EMAIL your worthless governement representative today, tell him NO MORE ISLAMIST TERRORIST PETN R MEXICAN ALIENS in USA

    Let's go fishin'

    May 1, 2010 at 5:22 pm | Report abuse |
  14. Leo

    I am US citizen and my constitutional righs are violated daily. Every time I use my credit card I am asked to show my ID, every time I cash the check I am asked to show my ID,; every time I apply for a job, I amasked to show my ID; every time I want to get a credit, I am asked to show my ID.

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  15. us citizen

    get a clue! mexicans are not a race! it is not racial profiling! mexicans are white. the nationality is mexican. these illegals, and quite frankly i don't care if you're an illegal mexican, canadian, egyptian, ect, are taking jobs and benefits from the people that are U.S. Citizens or LAWFUL permanent residents in the U.S. and countless border patrol agents are run down, shot, drowned, etc by illegals every year.

    May 1, 2010 at 5:22 pm | Report abuse |
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