May 1st, 2010
04:27 PM ET

Congressman arrested at immigration rally

Police arrested Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez at an immigration rally outside the White House on Saturday.
Gutierrez, a Democrat, was among a group of protesters arrested by police in front of the White House.
The protesters wore T-shirts that read, "ARREST ME NOT MY FAMILY" and "ARREST ME NOT MY FRIENDS."

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  1. Diana

    dee of post 250, gosh but your post sounds quite intolerant! And coming from a self-identified African-American woman, you, of all people, should know the struggles that people of other races and ethnicities go through or have you forgotten the Fifties when Blacks were being hosed down and roped and treated as second-class citizens with "No Blacks Allowed!" signs all over the place because of the color of their skin and the laws that allowed that to happen? As wrong as that was, I suppose that might be alright with you however, since you don't mention it. What you're mainly concerned with, according to your post, is that we'll begin to look like Mexico if we let 'them' come here.

    Well, I've got news for you, sister. They're already here and have been here for a Long, Long time since this was once part of THEIR country!

    So, what's your problem? Logically speaking, do you think all Blacks from Africa and other such countries such as Haiti come here legally? Why don't you mention them I'd like to know? But in adopting your way of thinking some may also be afraid our country will begin to look like Africa if we let more of them come here. Let's face it, what's fair is fair. Mention other groups for parity, not just Hispanics, to not do so sure appears to have the tones of racism.

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  2. Unbelievable

    Why are we picking and choosing what laws to enforce ? Ok since we are choosing I want to drive drunk – pimp out women and sell drugs . Will you protest when they arrest me ? .... Anyway ileagal imigrants are a strain on our economy utilizing our resources and not paying their fair share into the till . This is part of our economic problem . Lets change some laws to make imigrating easier and while we are doing this sweep the country of the people that don't belong here in the first place . And BTW if they are not citizens they are not covered by our constitution !

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  3. JACK

    Since 1986 I have had to prove I am a U.S. citizen "EVERY" time I went to a new job.That is close to 100 jobs in construction all over this country.Viet Nam Vet,U.S.citizen born here,and 44 years in the union.Oh yeah! I'm white.I was stopped by cops 28 years ago,and asked for ID.I asked why they wanted to know.Was there a complaint or somthing,because i hadn't done a thing.I was arrested for obstructing a public official.Locked up bare ass for 12 hours.What kind of profiling is that?Personally,I am sick and tired of all this racial crap.The scummy news media,and scummier politicians,like this racist Guiterriz are stirring this country in a direction that is going to lead to horrible violence.Obama said over and over when running for office that "We are a nation of Laws"quote.Well coming into this country illegally is breaking the law.See what you get for being in Mexico illegally,or Russia, Ireland,Try Iran or North Korea.Enough said,if caught,arrest them and deport them.It's been a law for over 200 years. PS,Guiterriz ought to be thrown out of congress just for the way he snarls and talks down to the good hardworking legal U.S.Citizens.

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  4. Paula

    WHAT DOES BEING "AFRICAN-AMERICAN" have to to with "ILLEGALS"? Nothing. You are confused if you think African-Americans have a bleeding heart for these law-breakers.

    I have news for you Sister, THEY LOST THAT WAR AND LAND. Now they need to get over it.

    Black Americans struggles have nothing in common with Illegals struggles which is to break the law and have Americans to support their efforts.

    No one is saying "Mexicans" go home they are saying "IF YOU ARE NOT LEGAL LEAVE" NOW WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

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  5. M Sheik

    The protests are not about protecting the illegal immigrants as most of the people on this forum seem to suggest, the core issue is the violation of the rights of the visible legal minorities. I fully support the measures to curb the illegal immigration however that must be done within the boundaries of the constitution. I agree with the critics that this law will encourage the racial profiling and worry about the adverse impact of the law on the legal immigrants.

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  6. Clifford

    It is time to take the imigration issue to the government. Illegals are destroying this country. Living off of Social programs, taxing our Healthcare System, Crime, Drugs, etc..
    If they really wanted to become citizens they would instead they simply wish to take all they can get for as little investment as possible. You scream bigot and cry discrimination and we are to back down. NOT THIS TIME! I want my family to have the America I grew up in not the one Obama and his Masters are designing.

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  7. Izzy

    I am brown and Latino, and I am all for this new AZ law. It is about time these illegals pay for not respecting our laws! Send them all home and let god sort them out. BTW, all the illegal alien supporters need to be deported too.

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  8. margie hernandez

    how many of you that have negative and positive comments on this subject ever have worked,lived and or even partied with the mexican nationality?Did any of you know that they the majority don't like you american/mexican race of the United States.I know this cuz I did work,Partied and even had babies from one of them.I do know them Illegals working with them I've suggested at one time to a couple of them they aught to learn English,I was surprised at the reply"Por que si ya estoy trabajando me valle madre que no le gusta",ask the Rep Gutierrez to translate.By they by I worked 20-22 yrs in the meat Packing plants making good money I used to holler at many to keep up with the me on the job and if they could'nt do the job go apply at Mc D"s they hire anyone.I"m a victim of hit and run Mexican illegal no license no insurance.Now on SSI my fault too.But many have opinions and many are iether Married to one or have them working cheap labor or have some use for them but for your selfish gain so really why do you care?

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  9. Bill

    Many aliens are protesting because they maybe legal( having been born in the US) while their parents are not legal. I am sorry for them, but we are a country of laws; and therefore must enforce our laws or change them. As long as the law is on the books we have no other choice.

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  10. Kitty L

    I am Latino. I stand with Arizona. This law is just not applicable to Latino's, it envelopes everyone who is not respecting the laws of The United States. There are many responsible immigrants in this country who came here legally and respected the steps it takes. If you think people are going to respect you who come here disrespecting our country and demand rights, you are just angering the citizens of the United States. If you want to address your rights, take it to YOUR COUNTRY'S Presidents and leaders, tell them to MAN UP and take care of its citizens and quit gaffing off their responsibility on the Americans. Enough is enough!!

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  11. beachrat

    I didnt take a count of the pro and con comments, but it seems that bigotry is alive and well in our country. Rep. Gutierrez should be applauded, and not just by the hispanic community. What has made this country great and hopefully will continue to, is the fact that we are ll equal here. Keep in mind that there are NO illegal people anywhere. God bless us all, we surely need it at this critical time on our history.

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  12. James

    Luis is one disgusting politician who puts his race/ethnicity before the laws of the US..
    He does not care that we have immigration laws on the books, He does not want them enforced.

    Has anyone seen his idea of Comprehensive Immigration Reform......
    it gets rid of 287G, E-Verify. Inland border patrol enforcement. Employment Enforcement and ICE Raids. He even wants the border patrol to NOT arrest anyone who crosses illegally, He does NOT want to secure the borders, nor have a fence. He does not want anyone deported, even if they have been convicted of serious crimes (dealing drugs, rape, murder, child molestation, or anything). He wants everything for his kind of people and nothing that will make america SAFE and SECURE.

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  13. Jay Arr

    Facts.-We are indeed a nation of immigrants . The original inhabitants of the Americas walked over a landbridge that joined our continent with Asia via the Bering Straits eons ago..Fact. We are a nation of laws and obligated as citizens to obey and enforce them while still valid and "on the books". Fact. People coming into our country illegally should be challenged , processed properly and a decision made about their ultimate destination ; incarcerated if criminals, then deported, Put into a program of future citizenship if qualified, and monitored in a proper and civil way. Finally, we should under our democratic political process calmly and civilly negotiate a practical solution to this problem that will benefit us all and prove to the world that America, as a free society will prevail against the tyranny of fear, anger, and radical solutions that maintaain those passions.

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  14. Rodney

    comment #88
    You say you protest for "human rights and dignity". Why not just protest for "human rights and dignity" in the country you fled.

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  15. Martina

    What gets me is that no one is actually supporting illegals as the other side likes to suggest. We are against the Arizona law because it allows for racial profiling, and detention of 'innocent' people no matter how they try to color it, as many have said.

    And in enacting this new law, many innocent people, here legally and American-born will undoubtedly also get stopped and questioned unnecessarily. And why should they be *forced* to carry citizenship papers too anymore than Anglos would have to carry them? THAT is a big concern with many including me. People who come here illegally and get caught need to pay the price if it's done in a humane manner because people still have to be treated with an amount of respect as the law dictates because of their human rights (Yes, that's part of the law.) But when this law would, in essence, stop anyone who looks Hispanic and targets them for questioning and expects them to all carry citizenship papers (just to be on the safe side) because they are Hispanic, even though they may be American-born citizens, is Dead Wrong and blatantly Unlawful! And THAT, is what many are protesting.

    *!* You can't require just a certain group of people to carry citizenship papers without all the people in the state also doing so. *!*

    There is no way to tell a legal Hispanic from one who is illegal. Therefore, this will simply open the door to profiling many innocent people and thus, the law must be overturned for true justice to prevail. If we don't, then we need to immediately get the Arizona legislature to look at other illegal people who are Non-Hispanic and enact immediate legislation to stop and question them too in the state of Arizona, in the name of fairness. Otherwise, this will become a big Civil Rights issue headed for the courts which will obviously Invalidate this dastardly law and toss it in the cesspool where it rightfully belongs.

    May 1, 2010 at 8:08 pm | Report abuse |
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