May 1st, 2010
04:27 PM ET

Congressman arrested at immigration rally

Police arrested Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez at an immigration rally outside the White House on Saturday.
Gutierrez, a Democrat, was among a group of protesters arrested by police in front of the White House.
The protesters wore T-shirts that read, "ARREST ME NOT MY FAMILY" and "ARREST ME NOT MY FRIENDS."

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  1. Cameron

    Isn't it the Feds responsibility to protect borders, etc. Since they've done nothing, AZ took matters into it's own hands. Good for them!

    By the way Ruth, the American Indian was also an immigrant to this country, Maybe a bit earlier, but an immigrant nonetheless!

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  2. Animal

    Reply to post #29 They (law enforcement) do not want to win the war on Drugs. Federal Gubbermint in it's wisdom gives a percentage of the drug hauls value to the Dept that effects the bust. This is how some Dept. get newer's...vest...other toys that their budget doesn't allow for. A College Police Dept in Arizona yrs ago developed leads on a huge Cocaine shipment but could not handle it on their own, They requested the help of local Pd, Sheriff's office and DEA. I believe the colleges cut or % was around 1.2 million. Win the war on Drugs the Departments lose this free money. Do you really think they want to win?

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  3. Roger

    Those who call this a racial issue, wish it was about race. That would make it an easy argument. But, race is defined by one's genes. Race is genetic. It is who one is when they are concieved and born. This law and issue is about "Nationality". Where citizens of one nation are choosing to improperly enter another nation that chooses to have a say. I don't blame anyone wanting to come to the US. I believe it is the best nation on earth and I feel blessed to have been born here. Whatever it is here that anyone wants I can only hope some day they too can have it in their own nation.

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  4. Aaron

    first of all, i would say people who are against immigrants or not agreeing about this whole protest that happened, are cold hearted. I was born here in the U.S but my father was an immigrant. he came and became successful in his education. But I admit, if i ever go to Arizona they won't ask me for my papers cause I'm not "illegal" looking. What about the people from Europe countries? do they look illegal when they come here? I support the hispanic community that it's a racist law. Whenever I think about this new law in AZ I would sometimes think how a cop would stop an "illegal" looking person and ask for his or her papers, what would he say in return if the person stopped is a citizen here? "My apology I thought you were illegal here." RACIST! But above all, how is America going to move forward if laws like AZ's is going to be against illegal immigrants? Every state has a population with immigrants. This could affect the economy too and even with voting polls for governors. This whole issue can be most affected for those family who had a son or daughter who went to the armed forces risking their lifes everyday and with illegal parents. It's touching how a son or daughter had died and their parents are being deported. It's like America chewing gum on your family and swallowing the useful person for the stomach and throw away the left overs. It's time for Obama make a change in this corrupt government and once for all stop deporting families. I'm sure no one would stop working forward to reach that dream, we are all human beings and born with everysingle rights their is in the second we're born, immigrants have the right to be successful too and reach their dreams. Luis did the most stand up job on this whole rally day that happened in different locations. And if people say he was stupid or was not worth on what he did, then go over to what you've done in order to stand up for yourself. A fight? got arrested? or even got in trouble in school? WE can all agree we make mistakes but wht he did here was standing up for the hispanic community and send a message to America. God Bless to everyone. "YES WE CAN!"

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  5. believe sovereign USA

    Who would have ever thought that this country would be overrun by its own border? How can we ask legal citizens of the USA to honor any of the laws? We could simply denounce our citizenship, become illegal, and get everything handed to us. We wouldn't need to pay taxes or have drivers licenses, insurance and the like. Wow, I think I might actually have more money in my pocket.

    In 2005, I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida. Didn't have too much contact with the illegals in PA. My eyes sure were opened here in FL. I at first felt sorry for them, until they protested. WHAT THE HECK! They are not covered by the US Constitution. I got darn angry fast. I decided that I would boycott ALL businesses owned or operated by a Latino. If they could protest SO CAN I.

    I don't mind immigration, I do mind illegal immigration. I am sick in tired of hearing "they only do the jobs that the lazy white man won't do." BULL HOCKEY! If that were true, why are they in the construction business. I know several people that are trained as craftsman who can not get a job. These contractors and builders would rather pay low wages to unskilled labor. I say arrest the employer and deport the illegals.

    If anyone hasn't done this yet, visit They will explain in detail, how the overflow of illegal immigration has cost this country dearly. If you really care about this invasion, you need to check out this site.

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  6. FLGirl

    Why are our politicians allowed to protest at things like this? Yes they are entitled to their opinions, BUT, it is their job to enact laws that the majority is in favor of. It's NOT their job to propagate their views and opinions over those of their constituents.

    They need to just shut up and vote the will of the people. Keep their opinions to themselves.

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  7. T Hibbs

    I absolutely commend Mrs. Brewer for having the brass to stand up and take a stand for her state-Like California, her state will wind up going broke trying to support all the non tax paying people who flood over the border, expecting handouts and freeloading-If they aren't willing to do what all immigrants want, and that is to become legal citizens, then they need to consider something- Why aren't you in your own country, having protests and trying to make your own country better, instead of crossing the border and causing the problems that you are- but who am I talking to? Obviously someone who didn't bother taking the time to learn english, but wants all that comes with being in the US. Our federal lawmakers are willing to bleed us dry, but willing to print as much money as they want to help other nations, and lets don't even mention this damn war- You go girl- Do everything you possibly can and I wish you the best of luck-

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  8. Deb

    I liked the summary regarding Ellis Island. Yeah immigrants, the one about people turning over all of their money to the U.S. government once they were able to get through the gates to stay here. If the Mexican are so unhappy within their country that they are rushing to live here...then why is it that they have brought their illegal ways and expect it to work any better here? BAND together and help each other to get the citizenship paperwork to legalize a new, cleaner life here. Grow up and understand that we comprehend what you are all trying to do. Survival is not easy. My taxes every year are my payment to live here. Where's yours? Sorry that our paperwork is mostly in English, but deal with it. My sister-in-law came from China with absolutely NO ENGLISH....within 6mos. of hard school, the whole family understands her. PLUS she will be an accountant soon!! Skin color has nothing to do with law enforcement. Law enforcement is protection for those who hold TEAMWORK, HONOR and DIGNITY within their souls.

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  9. Avni

    Statements such as "while ignoring the people who pay his salary." are a fallacy. Clearly, you people have jumped to the conclusion that every American agrees with your opinion when in fact there are those who don't.

    I don't appreciate how these illegal immigrants are looked at and treated as if they were subhuman over the mere fact that they don't have a green card or documents to come here legally. In case you people aren't aware many of these people are too poor to afford them. It is this poverty and the immense amount of crime that goes on in Central and Southern America (if not the slow process of receiving a green card) that drives them to such extremes to come here. Of course, I don't expect many of you to empathize due to politics' ability to render some people incapable of sympathy, but I digress. Granted there are those who come here with ill intentions, but the majority of them come here in an effort to better their lives; not to harm America like the media and some ignorant politicians have exaggerated. Its ridiculous that a piece of paper has more meaning and value to some of you than the well being of a fellow sentient human being. "Legal" or "illegal."

    If anything, the one to blame here are the governments down south. Had they taken care of their poor they wouldn't be crossing the border (which like many other things is nothing more, but a figment of our imagination.) These are only desperate people. That's it. Don't misconstrue what I'm saying and jump to the conclusion that I want the borders to be left wide open for people to cross. Although I sympathize, we have a limited amount of room and resources to support them and us and therefore can't let everyone in.

    Tighten security, let those who are already here stay and encourage the people down south to stand up to their government and demand the help they obviously need.

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  10. GoneWithTheWind

    American Indians were immigrants to this country too. In fact there were numerous waves of immigrants who became American indians and each wave displaced i.e. killed those who cam before them. Everyone born here is a citizen. Being born an American Indian doesn't make you anymore or any less an American.

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  11. Deb

    What about the concept that we have to have insurance to drive a car? Soon, medical insurance to get medical aid? Property taxes to own your own home? Insurance on that too. Then the strong ethics to try and stay off the "system" and pay our own way though this life to live where we can smile and have running water. Citizenship is MANDATORY to become an AMERICAN. Teamwork comes in when people pay their way the best they can and help others to get on their feet whenever they have that ability. That movie "Pay it forward" truly should be another lesson taught within our society. We can all teach someone how to live the life that someone will remember and want to spread the word about. Arizona law is only the start. Glad it is starting. Yeah, people are screaming "rights" well, less regulation and then the greed slides in. The Mexicans had better realize that this will be great for them too alongside the Americans who are citizens. You illegals are being used left and right and sorry, but it is your fault. Human exploitation in the workforce. Unfair pay for the work being done. Corporates LOVE you! Of course they have the economy on their side now too. Training everyone to do 2 jobs for the price of one. This dang recession is going to hurt the working man for far too long. Glad I am getting older, I won't have to witness the height of the GREEDY MAN!!

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  12. bev

    Just returned from Arizona 8 day drive through state. 370 kidnappings in Phoenix last year, 2nd in world (1st is Mexico City) see NBC news from Feb this year for that video. All people we spoke with, except admitted illegal who worked at one hotel, were in favor of this law and were worried about profiling. However, they feel it has to be done...

    I get asked for ID all the time in Mexico and Spain, even Canada. You have to get out of tourist areas to really witness what other countries do to protect their borders. Most all other countries have very strict rules/fines/jail time for not having documents to present. I would never think that a countries constitution would apply to me, except the country of my citizenship.

    I saw 80-100 people in front of a Phoenix Home Depot (only one of who knows how many such stores are in the Phoenix area). They were in public right of way waiting to be picked up for day laborer jobs; they and people stopping for them were blocking 2 lanes of heavy traffic. Now, I know not all drug dealers or day laborers are illegals however, the vast majority of those involved in very serious issues have been proven to be so in this city/state.

    Allowing any business to pay less than fed/state requires to any worker is wrong and creates a class of people who will always have problems. The argument to continue to just ignore the problem seems to promote this abuse of human rights.

    Drove thru 2 border checks both were 35 miles into the state. Watched them waive trailer after trailer thru, when it was our turn we nodded that we were us citizens and they waived us thru. no id check, etc. I would gladly have been delayed 10 minutes while they ask and ck id and vehicle. Didn't do it at either stop. These people have serious problems.

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  13. Nativetx03

    I think if you want to be a citizen then go through the process, if you want the milk and honey this country has to offer, but you bunch of AxxHxlxs that want for nothing you can pack you crap and head back to Mexico or where ever your from, yes this country was built on Imigration but lawabiding imigration people that truly wanted a better life for there family and people that would work for what they want, not this bunch that wants for nothing, then fly there cheezy little flags in this great country of ours IN GOD WE TRUST.

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  14. linda, Fl

    People, you are CRAZY.
    Can you recall how your grand-grand-grand Dad entered this country?
    And now you approve the way you wish him to pass trough?

    Are you sure – you look so perfectly legal?
    and carry your passports all the time?
    And don't afraid , that one of your worst friends would just report something suspicious about you?

    You know what, I have suspicion – you lost your Moral ground completely.
    Shame on you.

    May 2, 2010 at 1:51 am | Report abuse |
    • Pedro Sanchez

      What is "trough"

      May 17, 2010 at 2:08 pm | Report abuse |
  15. D Armer

    Simple Stimulus Plan:
    All Illegal’s in our country leave!
    Instantly millions of jobs open up. Millions of American citizens who are looking for work now have work. Millions of the idol work forces on assistance but able to work now have jobs = Reduce welfare. Don’t live near these jobs, move to where the jobs now are. Instant employment and instant reduction of waste paying individuals to not work = Instant economy stimulus.

    May 2, 2010 at 1:55 am | Report abuse |
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