May 1st, 2010
04:27 PM ET

Congressman arrested at immigration rally

Police arrested Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez at an immigration rally outside the White House on Saturday.
Gutierrez, a Democrat, was among a group of protesters arrested by police in front of the White House.
The protesters wore T-shirts that read, "ARREST ME NOT MY FAMILY" and "ARREST ME NOT MY FRIENDS."

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  1. Ryan

    Please don't call all Americans immigrants. That's a silly (albeit mainstream) argument. I am empathetic to immigrants, legal or not, but do not use inaccurate portrayals of all Americans to drum up support.

    From M-W Dictionary Online:
    Main Entry: im·mi·grate
    Pronunciation: \ˈi-mə-ˌgrāt\

    intransitive verb : especially: to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence

    Those born here are not immigrants. I understand your point, but again, the human species has been constantly changing locations since we evolved. Our language uses the word "immigrant" to refer to people who are not natives of a particular country.

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  2. Lucio

    Let the federal goverment take care the immigration problems not the states.

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  4. michigan mike

    We've really come full circle. There was a time when the people who were in the US illegally were aware they were here "illegally". They, and their fellow countrymen, now assume that they have some legal protection from being sent back to their own country. Same paradox as the non-working non taxpaying Americans that assume that it's their legal right to have someone else pay for their healthcare. You are all parasites living off the largess of the working men and women in this country. And if you are a "working" illegal alien, you are just as bad. You don't pay taxes or social security but you and your families use the taxpayers public schools and health facilities meant for the taxpaying public.

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  5. juliemac

    Ok. Heres the deal. Those that dont want them here don't have to pay for them.
    those protesting? They can pay for the medical, schooling, welfare etc.

    I think thats fair.

    We can do the same thing for abortions. The mother does not seem to want it and you do. So register and you can have the life long privelige of hosting the Illegal families AND the non aborted children!

    Man, that was easy...

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  6. voidlock

    Only people that are criminals are worried about all this. People that are legal have nothing to fear, unless they are hiding something. COPS can pull me over day or night and I will gladly comply and prove my citizenship. Whatever it takes to deport these dopes, illiterate, worthless POS.

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  7. john

    Ever notice how the left wing nutjobs who rally always cause violence or get contrast...those evil tea partiers are never arrested and peaceful.
    Of course comMunist news netowrk never reports this..just that the tea partiers lead to violence...pathetic. I gueSs this rep does not believe in upholding laws on the books...KICK HIM OUT!!!

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  8. Liz

    Gutirez is a Puerto Rican, born in this country, and still has trouble with the english language. Anyone supporting the illegals should be tried for treason. If his allegiance is to Mexico move there. We have 15 million out of work, now he wants us to support another 20 million. The illegals have sent billions of U.S dollars back south of the border. Never once saying to America let me help you out, we bankrupted your hospitals,your neighborhoods are in shambles, we used your social services, Now we want to bury you. These people have no interest in what they can do for America, it what Americans can do for them.

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  9. PR

    There has already been a case of a Native-born American who was arrested for not having his birth certificate or passport on him. Apparently, the forms of ID we normally carry in our wallets (social security cards, driver's license, work ID) are not sufficient to prove you're an American–well, not sufficient if you are a brown American.

    Teabaggers and conservatives keep going on and on about the threat of a police state. Yet here they are installing a police state in Arizona, giving the police the power to stop any American for any reason and demand proof of citizenship status. Americans shouldn't have to carry their birth certificates or passports with them everywhere they go simply because they are brown.

    If White Americans think this won't affect them, wait until the police begin using the law against them. How easy would it be to for the police to arrest someone on suspicion of being an illegal Canadian. Where does it stop?

    Internal passports are for police states not democracies.

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  10. DAN

    Drivers license, Registration, Insurance, Social Security and even my Draft card I had to carry for many years. I’ve been stopped many, many times and I consider myself normal in that I didn’t feel that my rights were violated and that awful, awful fear of having to open up my billfold to retreve all those documents to prove who I was and that I had the proper paperwork to be driving didn’t affect me any longer than maybe 30 seconds or a little more. Yes, I admit it did traumatize me, the horror of showing my private papers made me feel violated, used. I remember to this day being asked what my name was and where was I going and that big, I mean that big flashlight really did a number on me. I know that I did not look like a caucasian, I must have looked like a cooked lobster from my face flushing.
    I feel so sorry for the illegals that do not have the proper paper that will allow them to stay but, I guess that they’ll have to go thru the same process that my great, great grandparents had to. They were a very proud people and were very proud to be here, so much that they studied and studied to become USA CITIZENS and they ever learned the language of the land, ENGLISH. They didn’t have to be told to do it, they WANTED to do it. TO them, it was a very great privilege to be here and learn to talk to the people. THINK ABOUT IT!

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  11. Char

    I hope they throw away the key!! Since he is so fond of illegal aliens He should invite them to live in his neighborhood so he and his friends can support them! If you support ArizOna go to twitter and twet #ISUPPORTARIZONA

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  12. Max Power

    So let me get this straight, when teapartiers, actuall Americans, have rallies, the MSM paints them as cooks. But when the illegals, law breaking non-citizens, have their rallies to celebrate the breaking of the law, the MSM will paint it is freedom of speech.

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  13. Paula

    Hey, you shouldn't get a say in U.S. policy if you don't register, vote, and pay taxes. So if you want a say in it, all you have to do is stop bitching and register, like the law says.

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    Jenkins, I just have to say that I love your post (#21) about being a "NATION OF IMMIGRANTS" and it really puts a new perspective on the situation.
    It is true, if you are here legally, you have nothing to fear. Just like a caucasian man has nothing to fear if he is pulled over for running a red light, other than a ticket. If he has a warrant out for his arrest, yep, he should be scared. I am personally tired of feeling like my tax dollars are going to pay for services for people who are not even citizens of my country. I worked for a company doing background & criminal checks, and I'm sorry to say but it's a fact...most of the hispanics I ran checks on were NOT here legally and using fake social security numbers. Many had crimes such as DUIIs or drug charges and reading the court transcripts, not only did they have a court appointed attorney but we paid for interpeters as well. Many times, they appeared in court numerous times over a period of years, and my tax dollars continued to be used for an interpreter, their defense attorney, even their three hots and a cot for a period of time. Yet, they are still here...illegally. I can't figure out it...can you?

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  15. Pete


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