May 1st, 2010
05:37 PM ET

Louisiana governor critical of oil spill response efforts

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal expressed frustration Saturday with efforts to clean up a massive oil spill creeping toward the Gulf coast, highlighting concerns with "BP's ability to respond to this incident."

Jindal said he has been working with local officials to develop cleanup contingency plans, but needs funding approval from BP and authorization from the U.S. Coast Guard's incident commander to move forward.

"We need to empower our locals on the ground," he said in criticizing the response effort thus far. "The oil that is leaking offshore, the oil that is coming onto our coast threatens more than just our wildlife, our fisheries, our coast, this oil literally threatens our way of life."

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  1. ATC333

    Seems to me they are going about this all wrong. They should be placing large underwater funnels over each break in the oil line to catch the leaking oil, which rises. then have the oil infunnel flow into a large line up to the surface where it could be pumped into waiting vessles. Trying to sweep it up after it has dispersed on the surface is a loosing approach.

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  2. mamacoo

    What would the Governor suggest? Perhaps since he is the Governor and thinks BP isn't responding as he would like, he can take over and do the job. It seems as if he is already working on plans. He must think he knows more than BP or can respond more quickly. . Why wait for funding from BP, why not go ahead and do what needs to be done . Take care of things yourself, isn't that what the right keep saying?

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  3. Bairkus

    To ATC333:
    Domes are being built and fitted for this purpose. Fabrication of several domes began days ago.

    To mamacoo: I think you soon will see that this is what his statement is about. I believe he is positioning himself to do exactly that. There are several costs in superseding BP efforts, however. One example is that wherever local operators step in ahead of the responsible party, that party may withdraw its resources from that segment.

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  4. Bluejeans8

    Don't get FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY involved. It'll take twice as long and cost four times as much. And the job still won't be completed 7 decades later.

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  5. Jay

    Where are all the "Drill baby Drill" morons now?...... we now have another UNnatural disaster to tend with that will end up costing us billions to clean up halfassed ( that oil is there for a long time) longer than we will all be alive..... wasn't this Governor playing of team, "drill baby drill" during the last Election?... yes he was. Maybe he'll think twice about which side he supports when we have the next wind and solar energy VS. "Drill baby Drill" debate again come next Election. This is inexcusable, and so unnecessary... what a shame.

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  6. vickibalint

    yeah. spill, baby...spill.

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  7. I wonder

    Check the facts. How practical is solar and wind REALLY as a replacement for oil? No question they pose an opportunity in selected areas, but what generates the electricity to power your green electric car?

    May 2, 2010 at 4:40 am | Report abuse |
    • Look in the Mirror

      Coal And Hydro. Not oil.
      As a country, we need to do a major restructuring of our energy infrastructure. It is not easy. But must be done. Relying on oil will only keep us entrenched in the Middle East. A major hurdle has been the power of corporations. we must take the power away from the oil industry lobbyist who are slowing this transition process further.

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  8. jan

    What's the Governor waiting for? Is he waiting for permission to govern? They still haven't recovered from Katrina. He has the National Guard, the state police, etc. but he needs permission to go in? Vote him out next round. Republicans leaders don't seem to do well in disasters.

    May 2, 2010 at 5:07 am | Report abuse |
  9. gin arnold

    At 6:45 this morning I turned on CNN to continuous coverage of the incident that happened in New York. Living less than a mile from the beach on the Gulf, I naturally wanted to hear the latest from the Gulf oil spill so I turned to one of the local stations. An hour later I returned to CNN only to see more of the same coverage of Times Square. It is not that a possible bomb in N.Y. is not big news--certainly it is but compared to the situation we face in the Gulf, an event that did not happen deserves appropriate coverage and not like there is no other issue. The magnitude of this spill is tremendous beyond description, and has impact felt across the globe.

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  10. Brett (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

    What is wrong with some of you partisan hacks? We've got a disaster on our hands and you're busy trying to find ways to criticize folks because they refer to themselves as either Republicans or Democrats.

    Perhaps if you lived in Louisiana you would know that: 1) Jindal is doing a great job as governor and been on top of things from the beginning but has limited authority over deep coastal waters; 2) In order for the locals to effectively take control... they need to have authority granted by the federal government; and 3) state governments do not have direct authority over the Coast Guard or Navy... that stems from homeland security and the Pentagon, respectively.

    Lets root for our elected officials to avert a potential calamity... rather than finding uninformed reasons to attack them!

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  11. Shann.

    I have the answer.

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  12. royce

    Has anyone thought that mabe removing massive amounts of oil from the earths core could have drastic consequences? Or any consequences at all... I think not... wonder where all these earthquakes are coming from... think about the consequences on a large scale.

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  13. magyart

    The Gulf of Mex. will suffer one of the largest man made ecological disasters we have ever seen. The no. one priority is to STOP the FLOW of OIL.

    The southern border is the site of another grand, man made disaster. The no. one priority should be STOP the ILLEGAL ALIENS. We do not need comprehensive immigration reform, to secure the border.

    Visit the NumbersUSA website and help fight illegal immigration.

    May 2, 2010 at 10:16 pm | Report abuse |
  14. Jane Doe

    Jindal has the state of Louisiana in the "Red."

    Did Jindal have a Disaster Plan for this blowout? There have been other blowouts in Louisiana.

    Jindal gave British Petroleum tax incentives.

    There have been been countless deaths of oil rig workers throughout the years that are mostly ignored by the press.

    Has Jindal visited the families who lost their loved ones in this disaster?

    I read that BP has agreed to pay for the cleanup. I'm certain that they have insurance that will pay for this for them. What about the restoration ... will they agree to pay for that, as well? I would also like to see their lawyers define the word "cleanup." I also want to see a news headline that reads, "BP has agreed to accept full responsibility for their negligence." Lastly, I would like to see a photograph of the president of BP attending the funerals of their deceased victims.

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  15. Michel

    How about freezing the pipeline ?
    Changing the viscosity
    The slower flow causes the crude oil temperature to cool faster,
    The less comes-out of the pipe

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