May 1st, 2010
12:24 AM ET

Obama may visit Gulf oil spill area

President Obama is considering a visit to the oil spill area near the coast of Louisiana as early as Sunday, according to two senior administration officials.

The plans are still being worked out, but they suggested Obama is certain to eventually visit the region in the next few days because of the national significance and potential magnitude of the environmental damage, the officials said.

"It would not be a shocker for him to go there," one of the senior administration officials said of the likelihood of a presidential visit.

The officials said that such a trip is less likely to happen Saturday because Obama is scheduled to deliver a commencement address at the University of Michigan and attend the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner.

The president's schedule, however, is wide open on Sunday at this point. He could also travel early next week, according to the officials.

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  1. NAT



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  2. Ian B

    As a former Halliburton employee I can tell you that I can definitely believe that this catatrophe was probably due to a poor cement job/design by Halliburton. They have been systematically hiring and promotely friends and relatives while ignoring better educated and more experienced staff. As a result most of their senior technical and design positions are filled by cronies and not experienced, technically knowledgable people. It could have been a result of a cookie cutter cement design, poor cement quality control or quite simply a poor cement job. As we all know when you run shop by nepotism you never admit any wrongdoing and then lie to cover your friend's or relative's behind.

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  3. Phil4us

    What caused the explosion that lead to the oil spill? Why isn't the media outlets and politicians raising utter hell to get an explanation? It is convenient timing for this and the coal mine incidents to occur just as Cap and Trade legislation is soon to come up for a vote.

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  4. Kermit Roosevelt

    There is an interesting theory that I think should be out there more.

    Is it possible that this was the result of Iranian espionage?

    Look at the benefits:
    1) Iran's long-time enemy, British Petroleum, the entity behind the overthrow of the only democratically elected government in Iran;s history in the 1950s, suffers a devastating blow.
    2) Resumption of US drilling and our ultimate return to self-reliance regarding energy is a direct threat to Iran's core revenue commodity. This has set it back a decade at least.
    3) Calamitous environmental disaster to US soil.

    A trifecta for the Mullahs, and all without slamming planes into buildings or screaming like bearded or burqa'd fanatics. Major damage done to their enemies and they benefit quietly.

    Anyone think this is a crazy idea?

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  5. Marvin Rezac

    President Obama should cancel all non-emergency obligations and get down to the gulf and show the American people what his expertise can do. Don't expect much, this president probably does not have a clue how to handle such a massive cleanup castrophie. Maybe he should bring the big oil experters Bush and Cheney to help cleanup the mess their administration could have helped to prevent. What a shame those men our to our country.

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  6. Kenneth Howald

    I own a house in Cabana Beach(Gulf Shores, AL.) that we have rented out for families to enjoy a vacation at the beach for the past twenty-three years. All I have at risk is about $500,000. The people that rely on the Gulf for their livelihood, some for the past four or five generations, are the families that my heart and soul go out to. That being said...there are many people posting here that in their heart of hearts have been of the opinion that the government must stay out of their business; now they are demanding that the government MUST step in and do something. I also had a friend this morning tell me "that if Mr. Bush was in charge things would have happened to correct the situation immediately" I am a retired firefighter/paramedic and went to New Orleans on my own two days after Katrina hit, I did not see Mr. Bush's presence until I had been pulling bodies out of the water and trying to meet the basest needs of the people I was trying to help(that is seven days after Katrina visited) I was retired so I was able to respond on my fellow firefighter/paremedics that were working at the time and volunteered their time were sent to Atlanta for three days prior to being sent in to help learn about "harassment". Mr. Bush should have been tried for murder for the way he handled that crisis. The republicans posting their veiws here need to look in mirror and admit that they have,and are continuing to support a program of "no regulation", they can now reap what they have sown; just as they have in the banking, petroleum and airline industies.
    ken howald

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  7. Tony

    This is total BS. Why havent they capped this hole? They have the money and technology, but yet it still pumps 210k gallons aday? 5000 feet isnt really that deep. They could have / Should have Used a SUB, went to the Gulf Floor and capped this thing. Remember when it first happened, the BP CEO said " this is Minor, there isnt a problem, we have the situation under control." SOME CONTROL
    As far as Obama, You Should Be there already. What are you waiting for Permission from Uncl Al Sharpton?
    Get off your Butt and Do something. You wanted the office, you wanted the power, Now do something with it. This situation should have been addressed several days ago, not as it is coming to shore.
    If it is FAME AND GLORY you seek, then step aside and let a real man or Woman in who can and is willing to do the JOB RIGHT.
    Oh forgot to mention
    It's Coming just a matter of time. Let the people speak.

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  8. dj12443425165


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