May 2nd, 2010
08:00 AM ET

Witnesses to car bomb scare

Another witness says he saw smoke from the SUV:

A witness talks about how the police evacuated the area:

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  1. JSerrano

    What this gentleman and the media is describing is a truck with "Camping Equiptment"! Propane? Fireworks?, I guess they will arrest millions during 4th of July weekend. Bloomberg and the media are blowing this up to be some sort of incident. Even if it was an attempt at terrorism, this is laughable. Purely amateuristic at best. Nothing to see here.

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  2. Stephen Holmes

    At around 6:30pm I was walking with my fiancé and a friend of ours in Times
    Square on Seventh Avenue. We were approaching 45th street and noticed the Pathfinder parked at an odd angle. Two mounted police officers were near the car and an officer on foot was ahead of us. We also saw a street vendor near the car. We had about 30 people between us and the Pathfinder when we heard a loud pop. A little smoke was coming out of the sides of the vehicle with dark tinted windows and the emergency flashers were on. Some in the crowd instinctively turned around quickly and pushed into us to flee. The Officer on foot calmly instructed the crowd to get back. I was impressed with how calmly the officers were handling the crowd. After the initial shock the crowd disbursed calmly. If the officers had been more aggressive the crowd would have panicked. At this point no one knew was going on. Perhaps a car failure we wondered but it was a little odd. We headed to drop off our friend at a show on 47th street he was ushering. On the way to our show we sat on the bleachers in Times Square and at about 7:30pm the police were slowly evacuating Times Square. On the way to our show on 44th street we ended up passing by a fire fighter who we heard say they were checking out a suspicious vehicle. I checked the New York Times on my phone but I couldn’t find any report that described what was going on. The show was a few minutes delayed but the show must go on. After the show more emergency vehicles were in the area. It was only later on the way home at about 11PM did we find any news that a bomb was suspected.

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  3. Flo

    Enough about the car bomb in New York. You have reported it and speculated incessantly about it. There is no more to say at this point. It would not get an entire Sunday morning if it took place in LA, Chicago or Seattle, would it? Only in New York. What makes you think the rest of the country is interested in this when nothing really happened,

    There is a real environmental and financial disaster taking place in the Gulf where people and animals are NOW being affected. Not what could have happened as in NY non-bomb scare, but what is really happening to our entire country vis-a-vis the oil bomb continuing to explode in the Gulf of Mexico.

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