May 5th, 2010
02:54 PM ET

San Antonio refinery explosion forces evacuation

A major fire broke out Wednesday near downtown San Antonio, Texas, after several explosions rocked a local oil refinery, according to the San Antonio police and fire departments.

Local authorities ordered an evacuation of individuals within one mile of the explosion, San Antonio Fire Department spokeswoman Deborah Foster said. Multiple injuries were reported, including one serious injury.

There were 100 employees at the refinery at the time of the explosion, Foster added. Firefighters were battling heavy smoke conditions, she said. Large black plumes of smoke could be seen above the city, CNN affiliate KENS reported.

San Antonio's AGE Refinery - the site of the explosions - helps manufacture specialized petroleum products, including jet fuel and diesel, KENS noted.

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  1. me

    There also was an refinery this year in anacordis Wash that exploded killing several people, and the coal mine back east this year too where there was an explosion killing all of those miners. Does any one know how often this type of accident happens a year in USA? Why is it so unbelievable that terrorists could be doing this? And please refrain from the name calling I want facts from all of you people who think you are showing your intelligence by throwing insults.

    June 10, 2010 at 5:20 pm | Report abuse |
  2. henry

    Everyone is looking for alternative energy solutions-did you know you don't have to count on wind , sun , or weather -with geothermal systems you can always count on the constant temperature under the earth , anywhere! And NOW you can access all this with no initial $ output and save a bundle on your energy bill!

    June 28, 2010 at 8:39 pm | Report abuse |

    What a moron, refineries have been blowing up since i was a kid. Its really not anything unusual if you live near a refinary. I can remember many times living in Corpus as a kid that we would have explosions. My father having been in many but luckily never severely injured until he blew himself up testing a rig. He has since recovered. Accidents happen or my dad is a terrorist.

    November 12, 2010 at 4:42 pm | Report abuse |
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