May 7th, 2010
06:20 PM ET

Latino rights group, others call for Arizona boycott

A Latino rights group and other immigrant and labor organizations have called for a national boycott of Arizona over the state's new immigration law, which allows police to ask anyone being investigated for a crime for proof of legal U.S. residency.

The call was led by the National Council of La Raza, which bills itself as the largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Other groups joining the call include the Asian American Justice Center, the Center for Community Change, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Puerto Rican Coalition, the Service Employees International Union, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

The groups pledged not to hold major conventions, conferences or other special events involving significant travel to Arizona from out of state and "asked others to consider whether their purchases of goods and services might perpetuate the unjust and discriminatory law in Arizona," La Raza said on its website.

"When a law so contrary to our values is passed, we must act decisively," said La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia. "We are calling for a boycott because this law will blow open the door to increased racial profiling, wrongful arrests and other discrimination."

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the immigration measure April 23, says it does not involve racial profiling or any other illegal acts. The law, known as SB 1070, is scheduled to go into effect this summer.

The measure as originally signed into law said police could ask anyone at any time for proof of legal residency. The legislature passed new wording last week stipulating that police could ask for residency status only if that person was being investigated for another crime. Brewer signed the new language into law.

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  1. jemoman

    I'm a legal immigrant, I had to go through the lengthy process that it is required by the law to become a US citizen, an as such I expect everybody else that comes to this country to do the same. In our countries of origin is required to carry an ID with you every time you are out of your home. Here in the US if you get pulled over by any law enforcement officer , you are required to show your drivers licence, regardless of who you are; So why is it such a great deal that you have to show your proof of residence in this country? Especially if you are being investigated...illegals have some nerve to protest about this law, if you came to this country illegally and get busted you should expect to pay for the consequences. Good for Arizona.

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  2. DualCitizen

    Though I appreciate that Arizona has passed this law, I disagree with the addition of it being applied only during the investigation of a crime. Here in Oregon, we're required to carry state issued identification at all times – this is nothing new.

    We need to stop referring to them as "Mexicans", considering illegal immigrants come from a variety of countries... but regardless, despite what country these people come from – they need to follow the letter of the law, apply for citizenship BEFORE ARRIVING HERE. I am tired of seeing illegal immigrants of all backgrounds screaming about their rights – you don't have any, and should not be afforded any by our government. You do not deserve our money, our healthcare, our jobs, our sympathy.

    And for those of you who are bashing Obama, keep in mind that it was Bush who offered amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants during his "reign" of eight years. Perhaps it's about time those of us who care about the United States of America to stand outside of Congress and DEMAND (as we as citizens have the right to do) that something be done immediately. We have the power, the right, to replace those people in our government who are not representing the majority.

    The majority has spoken – we're fed up with the United States of America getting taken advantage of. It's time for us to focus on our own people, who are here legally and work for what they need.

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  3. Elizabeth

    I am thankful we have a few smart people like the Arizona governor and the sheriff who have tried to keep this country safer for the American citizens . If the people in office are not upholding the US laws they need to be replaced with people who will. Just look at all the demonstrators who are largely illegalls of brown color. Come by the front dooe not the back if you want welcomed to this country.

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  4. tuna74


    These were the requirement that our forefathers went through at Ellis island to become citizens.

    Read the fact's.These Laws could not be clearer.
    No where does it say MEXICAN"S ARE EXEMPT.

    Immigrants who entered the United States at Ellis Island were not permitted to remain in the country if they had a contagious disease such as smallpox, yellow fever or the measles. If they were deemed likely to end up needing to receive welfare or otherwise seemed unable to provide for themselves, they would be refused admission. Finally, if they were assessed as likely to become an illegal contract laborer, they would be refused entry. People who seemed to be "alien radicals" were interned. The records of many of the immigrants who entered the country at Ellis Island have become part of its archive. The island is a significant tourist destination
    , and its website contains links to where the descendants of these immigrants can go when doing genealogical research about their family (see Resources below).

    * Ellis Island Website

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  5. Ryan

    I cannot believe the hype that has come from this law. Illegal immigrants seem to think they deserve a free pass for coming to this country. Our nation is being overrun and destroyed because of illegal immigration. Over 14 MILLION people are here without permission and now they want to oppose a law that citizens who are here legally fought to get passed? I think the entire nation should follow suit to this law and use it as a platform for further national legislation in our country. Our country has its own problems, go back to yours if you don’t like the way things are here.

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  6. N.Mandujano

    I say way to go Arizona! Because if you want to stop the issues people have with latinos you have to stop them from being here illegally. And if they are being investigated for a crime well then we should know if they are legal or not. If they cause issues or are involved with criminals , do you really want them here anyway??

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  7. Jaime Greer

    All illegal immigrants please boycott the whole USA and leave.

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  8. Jack Smith

    Illegal immigrants are in fact "illegal" .. this term is used when you are someone breaking the law and therefore you are in fact a "criminal" .. come to the country the right way, or suffer the consequences of breaking the law. If you can get away with it, great for you, but when you get caught, dont get mad at the people that are enforcing the laws and protecting tax paying Americans. Thats all there is to it.

    May 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm | Report abuse |
  9. Sergio

    I am latino and a LEGAL immigrant.
    These groups do not represent me. They are opportunist who continue incentivating illegals to break the law. La Raza "the Race" is by its own name an eugenic organization which considers the latino race superior. They were too dumb to orient their people here in Phoenix, not to wrap themselves on Mexican flags, or lower US flags and raise Mexican flags. In any other country this would be an act of provocation. Here in the US it is a way to "express" their anger.

    I came through the front door. I feel discriminated against. All these illegals need to go to the back of the line and wait their turn, like I did. Organizations like La Raza etc should be charged with Traison for incentivating taking over what they consider their old territory.
    Slogans like "La Reconquista" make me sick. Where is our amateur president (OBAMA) ? why doesn't he do something about this outrage?

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  10. tuna74

    VIVA SERGIO,Way to go.My Brother.

    From a 76 year old AMERICAN , Puerto Rican
    La Raza Protects Criminals.They should look in the mirror.
    Just because we come from Latin Blood, Does not mean we Aid Crime.

    May 8, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Report abuse |
  11. D. Gallegos

    Tuna74 – Well said!

    May 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm | Report abuse |
  12. Bfam

    HEY ALL AMERICANS – There is something with all of this that I think we americans are missing, and believe me its heading right towards us.

    Problem with all of this is that it will lead to a national ID card that all will be required to use. Not sure if I like that at all!!! I don't like illegals being here either, but I do see the issue being used to keep a better eye on ALL of us. And in my opinion that in itself almost defeats the purpose of everything WE AS AMERICANS (not you illegals) fought for in the first place.

    I am not a conspiracy therorist, but it will be the next step from our wonderful government. A way to monitor everything you do, even more so than they already do.

    So be careful, be vigilant, and be free.
    In other words, BE AMERICAN.

    May 8, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Report abuse |
  13. Hasan X

    I must agree with most of the people here and extend a thank you to the great state of Arizona. The current stance of the White house appears to be a sham.The phone is ringing but nobody's home. Our country has not had open borders for several decades. It's remarkable to see that more than half of the people in these posts can't spell treason (traison) and someone else also called another person a moran. I just wish some of you would learn to use spell check.
    I was shocked to see an ILLEGAL doing a CNN interview on Tuesday.This kid was 22 years old protesting because he was illegal and couldn't get financial aid, so he had to quit college and get a job. -
    NEWSFLASH- if you are ILLEGAL you dont DESERVE financial aid from the US like our children and CITIZENS do! This kid should have been taken away immediately. I ask WHERE are the ICE agents. I only wish ICE would bring the buses and check everyone at the next protest. This country needs fixing and only time will answer all of our questions. Until then I'll keep my fingers crossed and my gun loaded.
    God bless America!!

    May 8, 2010 at 3:50 pm | Report abuse |
  14. Tomas

    This comment is in response to SSG Gilberto Ortiz. While I recognize your right as an American (North American/United States Citizen, to be PC) to excercise your freedom of speech, I also have to advise you to not identify yourself as a member of the Armed Forces when posting a politically natured comments. Members of the Armed Forces – be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman are encourgaed to participate in political activities or elections, but cannot do so on government time, or in any way that may identify you as a member of the Armed Forces.

    With that said, your father was absolutely correct when he stated to you to be proud of your heritage, but don't forget that you are an American Citizen. I personally, cannot favor one race – hispanic or caucasian over the other; being that I am from Mexican and German descent. I am also married to a Puerto Rican woman from the island, which makes my situation that much more interesting.

    With that point made, we must keep in focus that this law passed by Arizona was not intended to spark racial profiling. Instead, it is addressing an obvious problem – illegal immigration. The key word being, "illegal". Since you are in the military, how many times per day do you need to pull out your military ID card? Probably to get on base, use a computer workstation, or go to the bank; pretty much for everything. This is the same concept here – nothing new. If a police officer stops someone, for whatever reason, they should be prepared to show the officer their driver's liscense or some other form of identification. If you cannot produce it, then they may end up in jail.

    This situation will become a heated debate for sometime, but I perceive that LA Raza's carpet they're stading on will be pulled out from under them. Once the law takes effect, and more illegals are deported, drug busts are made, and police officers are injured or killed in the line of duty (hopefully not), Arizona's illegal immigration policy will gain more support, from Mexican Americans, hispanics, whites, blacks and others alike.

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  15. Ron E.

    If you want to stop this invasion, authorize the military to shoot any person(s) seen trying to slither across our borders. Leave a few dozen rotting corpses out in the sun with some bullet holes in them, and that will send the message to even the most ignorant of the illegals, i.e., YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

    May 8, 2010 at 3:58 pm | Report abuse |
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