May 14th, 2010
02:11 AM ET

Police: No explosives found in semitrailer after chase

A tractor-trailer driver who drew the bomb squad and a horde of officers into a late night investigation in rural Wisconsin was apparently sleep deprived, the sheriff said early Friday.

Officers had stopped the vehicle late Thursday after a chase along Highway 16 that lasted more than 20 miles and nearly 30 minutes.

The driver, who was transporting energy drinks, was driving erratically, at times veering into oncoming traffic, and running red lights, though he never broke the speed limit, said Sgt. Les Mlsna of highway patrol.

Authorities used an interpreter to end a standoff with the man, identified as Beant Singh Gill of British Columbia, who initially refused to leave the vehicle, said Monroe County Sheriff Dennis Pederson.

At first, there were concerns that there were explosives on the vehicle, but a bomb squad inspection only turned up cases of energy drinks, Pederson said. The incident led to traffic blocks and the evacuation of a half-dozen homes.

Pederson said it's not clear what provoked the erratic driving.

"It took three stop strips to bring the vehicle to a halt." Pederson said. "We know he appears to be very sleep deprived."

The driver was arrested and faces charges of fleeing and reckless endangerment, the sheriff said.

An FBI agent is on the scene, though there's nothing to suggest terrorism at this point, said Leonard Peace, a spokesman for the agency.

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  1. toad


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  2. Charles

    lol, a sleep deprived man hauling a truck full of energy drinks. That's funny, I 'wonder' why he would be so sleep deprived, and then drive so erratic?! Too bad they didn't mention that when he exited/was pulled out of the cab of the truck that about 200 cans of empty energy drinks fell out with him.

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