May 16th, 2010
05:51 PM ET

Union: Rhode Island school reaches deal to rehire teachers

A Rhode Island high school that fired all its teachers in February has reached a tentative agreement with the school's teachers union to rehire them, the union announced Sunday.

The school board of the Central Falls School District, outside of Providence, had voted to fire its high school's 93 teachers and administrators over low student performance.

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  1. Steve

    I am a RI resident and that is one of the worst areas in the state. English is a second langueage in these communities so I dont blame the teachers for low scores. When they dont speak english and cannot understand what is presented it is understandable why they do not score well on standardized tests. English is a foreign language in this community.

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  2. Stephen

    What an asinine administration. Just think: the people hired to replace these teachers would have been those unable to get a full time job elsewhere! And what remotely credible human being would want to work for a gestapo-like administration like this? The superintendent forgot to fire the one person she should have fired: herself.

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  3. Jimmy Watts

    Ha Ha-Someone discovered that it wasn't the teacher's fault...(what) you mean it had something to do with the kids children's socio-economic background!!!! What a waste of time and money. Study after study clearly shows that unless children have positve family role models, who provide emotional/physical support, 100000000000 Bill Nyes and Albert Einsteins (teachers) have almost no chance of adequately educatiing children. What the hell lets fire the teachers anyway..we live in a senseless society with the the dimmest of leaders George Bush etc etc.

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  4. NavStar

    The problems with teachers' unions notwithstanding, these kids are for the most part illegitimate products of broken homes and ghetto cultures, with little or no motivation to learn.

    What's ironic is that the NEA and UFT are just about the biggest promoters of "weez all eekwal." Said malarkey came back to bite them in the rear, big time.

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  5. Mick

    Why do people think that teachers set curriculum? Even if the district hired new teachers, they'd still be teaching what the district tells them tho teach. If a store is failing, do you fire all of the cashiers and expect everything to get better? Of course not. However, that is exactly what most people think is the approach to take to fix schools.

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  6. Bob

    It makes no sense to fire "all" of the teachers. A lot of teachers do not teach courses that would be tested by a state exam. This was a ridiculous decision by the administration in the first place. Imagine trying to open a school with no teachers who were experienced in the district. Why didn't they fire the principals as well? They have just as much to do with any bad scores. Why not kick out the school board members? They are supposed to make changes in curriculum to fix a problem with bad scores. Why not fire the superintendent? That is who is ultimately in charge of day to day operations of a school district. The whole thing is completely unprofessional. Don't blame the union. They had nothing to do with this.

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  7. Ted Breslin

    Until we figure out a way to legislate good parenting, we will be stuck with poor student performance because no matter how good a teacher is if they are placed in a classroom with unmotivated students whose performance in school is not at least monitored at home, they will have a difficult time of successfully teaching many of them.

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  8. RENN X

    I hope the administrators are in charge rather the unions. I hope progress improves but, if not they must be replaced, union or no union.

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  9. Twiggles

    So this is missing the original story which gave the district 3 options...of which the teachers turned down the first 2, which left the option to terminate the teachers and start over to the district. These options are from the Obama Administration education overhall when a school is deteremined to be opeartating at a certain % of failure. The one thing that no one brings up is that according to this education overhall only 75% of so of the previous teachers can be rehired.

    We will see how this all turns out.....

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  10. Sam8131

    Maybe they should fire the school adminstratorsd for hiring such substandard teachers.

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  11. PinkFloyd43

    It's not the teacher fault but the blame goes to the parents! I am thinking that some of the teachers were worthless as I had one or two over the years but all of them! You can take a horse to water but you can't make em drink!

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  12. Neil fowler

    Rehiring teachers that have already proven they can't do the job, is just stupid. Those teachers need to learn how to teach.

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  13. Anon

    There are many dynamics going on here–however, the President made a big mistake approving of the firing of these teachers while holding up another urban school with equally low scores as a model school.

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  14. polly sellers

    I am tied of hearing about teacher's pay, most of us work year round and don't make the money most teachers make, not to mention being off as much. RI should have left these teachers in the street and hire some of the good teachers that have been laid off.

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  15. Dave

    "And, so far as I can tell, unions are about as responsible as an average twelve-year-old."

    Then the people running the companies of America are about as responsible as the average one-year-old. It is sickening to see people defend the monsters of the financial ruin. When will people in this country wake up to the reality of the situation? The anti-union propaganda is nothing but a campaign by companies to squeeze every cent from the hard working American people. Companies represent the gaze of cold hard cash, unions represent honest hard working people. Which side do you want to be on?

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