May 20th, 2010
05:47 PM ET

Former President Musharraf says he'll re-enter politics in Pakistan

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf intends to return to Pakistan and re-enter politics, he tells CNN.

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  1. PG13

    Well, John, 'English' is written with a capital 'E.' The abuse of the language does irritate me a little. That's has nothing to do with being the US. I think these blog is available from anywhere.

    If you cannot understand the hatred then you are not from that part of the world. The mutual hatred drives the politics a lot in those countries. But 'hatred' is also a significant part in US politics. Just that the issues are different.

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    • PG13

      There you go. I made a couple of mistakes myself. So, we can all be "equal opportunity" language abusers. I guess that was my point in the first place.

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    Jhanziab, as an Indian meaning INDIA, you know as well as everyone that Pakistan and its leaders (ALL OF THEM) are promoting terrorism against, India US and others that oppose the ISLAMIC faith. Musharaff may not be a terrorist, but more of an opprtunist. He has used and abused his power, to take over dictatorship, possibly involved in the killing of Benazir Bhutto, and countless other victimizations of innoncent people. He should have been executd not exiled, and you actually claim he is an effective leader. that is a Joke, that I know you don't even beleive. As a politician he will lose cause he was terrible at that as well. He is an American Lacky with no spine. But then again most pakistanis tend to be as well. LONG LIVE INDIA (and India's toilet, Pakistan)

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  3. Brian from Chicago


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  4. Pakistani Perspective

    The world sees Pakistan from the its own perspective (a la war on terror/jihadi menace etc.). There is also a Pakistani perspective.

    There is a serious dearth of credible political leadership in Pakistan. While the Pakistani army will continue to do world's job of securing the troubled border and fighting the zealots, no one outside Pakistan gives too hoots about 180 million citizens of that country that are deprived of a political leadership that can create jobs and turn the lights on in it's dark cities.

    Aside from his dictatorial tendencies towards the end, his Presidency was a time of economic and cultural growth in Pakistan. Rather then having one of the two most corrupt fuedal lords lead Pakistan, many Pakistanis will welcome his return.

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    • Zeeshaan

      Many Indians as well. Hope to see him back, PP, and I hope to see him back.

      May 20, 2010 at 6:58 pm | Report abuse |

    please read post to jhanzibib

    May 20, 2010 at 6:35 pm | Report abuse |

    Pakistani Perspective please read post to jhanzivibib ibibibibibib

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  7. Mush Bush

    He is going back to Pakistan to fix the charges against him. But he has plenty of enemies so this will be very interesting.

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  8. nas

    its our internal matter indians don't need to worry about that we will fix our issues.Mr Musharaf will be welcomed if he comes he is one of the proud Pakistani. Pakistan was made to live, if india had faced all that what Pakistan in going through india would have finished by now. Pakistanis are brave nation. no need to be jealous over PAK, US friendship

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    • Zeeshaan

      Pakistanis are indeed a brave people...they have overcome hardships before. But they really need a leader who has the interests of Pakistanis at heart. There are a lot of very dedicated individuals in Pakistan and it's sad to see anyone who makes even an ounce of progress immediately get set upon by everyone around him. This was the case with Musharraf.

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  9. Paki Pride

    India is among the poorest, most disease stricken and underdeveloped countries onearth. So called IT boom is nothing but a mirage for impoverished, famined and debilitated masses of India.
    Go fix your messy India before even thinking about Pakistan. Pakistan doesn't even need to do anything to defeat India, it's already crumbling under the weight of sectarianism, economic inequality, corruption and caste system.

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  10. Fas

    Pakistan army (through division, taliban, MQM..) has done everything in their power to destroy pakistan to ensure their luxurious life style...Unless they get rid of their army (which can't fight few villagers with home made guns) , Pakistan can never be a safe or successful country. Imagine, safe, democratic Pakistan with no terrorism, who will be at loss?? (foreign aid needs to keep on flowing to suport army's luxurious Pakistan's history and army's role)

    May 20, 2010 at 6:44 pm | Report abuse |

    NAS pakistan is a nation of cowards that attack innoncent people. If all of India decided to pee on pakistan, pakistan would be a lake. This brave nation. I hope you are not serious Car bombings, and attacks that kill your own people, murdering of women politicians. This is the brave nation. Intolerant hateful cowards. Hopefully, the paki problem takes care of itself.

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  12. Jhanziab

    Above All, India should feed their hungry people first and then talk about War....

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  13. Prof R Manghirmlani-Geneve

    It is sad that we r here to comment on another dictator who slipped the country back in dark ages. Whatever his real intention were, Pakistan took a massive reverse leap whilst our neighboring countries are striding forward in economic, social, political and academic lives under his rule. When would it dawn on our nation that it is through the democratic process that we learn to elect a good government. Unless we are given the opportunity to elect and then throw out an incompetent and/or corrupt party, the society will not grow politically and socially. Army is the Pakistan’s biggest enemy. It has made us as nation of dependents and missed opportunities.Which was a valuable kind of classmate to have: within months of graduation, the newly minted officers saw action in Pakistan's 1965 war against India over Kashmir, and Musharraf won a medal for gallantry. When war with India came again in 1971, he led a squadron of commandos from the Special Service Group (ssg), Pakistan's equivalent of the Green Berets. "I was always a risk taker," the 58-year-old Musharraf recalls, and he trained his men not to flinch at danger. Seated in the parlor of his army residence in Rawalpindi, surrounded by 18th century muskets and gilded sabers, Pakistan's President described for Time a favorite training exercise. He would order a soldier to lie as close to a set of railroad tracks as possible, facing an oncoming train. "The train will definitely not touch you," he would tell the soldier. "But you have to keep your head up and eyes open."

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  14. Jhanziab

    Above all, 99% indian are racist and Jealousfrom pakistan....some one told me Indian use pee in their foods and drink cow pee that true ABOVE ALL???

    May 20, 2010 at 6:51 pm | Report abuse |
  15. Zeeshaan

    I'm a Canadian of Indian origin, and I have to say I hope that Musharraf comes back. Pakistan could certainly use him right now. This man was the best thing to happen to his country in the last 20 years, and while he was not concerned with preserving democracy, he was certainly dedicated to preserving Pakistan. Pakistanis cannot afford to let go of an individual of this calibre. I hope that him and Iftikhar Chaudhry, the former chief justice, can reconcile somehow; Chaudhry is another such individual. Finally, a stable Pakistan will always be good for India.

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