May 24th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

2 of 3 U.S. hikers detained in Iran get engaged

[Updated at 10 a.m. ET] Two of three American hikers who have been detained in Iran for nearly 10 months - Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd - have gotten engaged in prison and plan to get married after their release, their relatives said Monday.

The third hiker, Josh Fattal, plans to be best man at the wedding, the relatives said in a statement.

The three hikers' mothers learned of the engagement when they visited Bauer, Shourd and Fattal in Iran last week.

"Shane told me that he proposed to Sarah in the yard of Evin prison on January 6, the very same day that we applied for our visas to go visit them," Bauer's mother, Cindy Hickey, said in the written statement. "We're all so overjoyed at the news but it's obviously impossible to know when the wedding will take place."

The couple wears engagement rings that Bauer made from threads he pulled from his shirt, the statement said.

"Sarah couldn't wait to show me her ring," said Shourd's mother, Nora Shourd. "It's one of the things that keeps her going - knowing that she and Shane have this unbreakable bond and a friend in Josh who will always be there for them."

Iranian authorities detained the three after they reportedly crossed the border into Iran by accident while hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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  1. Dr.Williams

    So could this be a reason for an attack on Iran because the innocent American Jewish HICKERS lost their MAP and accidentally entered Iran , or there were heading to visit the holly sight of Esther and MURDEKHAI in Hamadan and because they are so devoted to their FAITH that they were overcome by joy and lost respect for their petty international laws, while they were answering the higher authorities CALL!!!!!!

    May 24, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Creamed Broccoli

    IS IT JUST ME? Or does someone else want to see the intricate patterns of the wedding ring that were woven from the threads of his shirt. I wonder if he is so adept at ring making that he was able to weave a little heart pattern with vines and laurels surrounding it that connected on the other side in the form of two white doves! Now really, is there something special about taking threads off your shirt and weaving them into a ring or couldn't you just tear a chunk out of the cuff or the hem and make that work. I'm sure that he could have found something else if he'd wanted to in order to weave it into the ring. Say for example, a piece of a napkin from lunch, or a small salmon stain, from their first imprisoned dinner together. How romantic would that be!

    There is better news than this in the world and it's frightening to see how much attention this is getting.

    May 25, 2010 at 12:28 am | Report abuse |
  3. empty W

    Whoa.....There isn't a sane thing in that story......That whole thing has been wacky from the start.
    From now on if any one says to me" Hey, wanna go hikeing?" I'm gonna say "Not in Iran"

    May 25, 2010 at 12:38 am | Report abuse |
  4. Creamed Broccoli

    Hiker 1: "Hey, dude, did anybody bring the map?"
    Hiker 2: "I had it out and I guess I left in on top of my underwear. I forgot that too."
    Hiker 3: "I don't think that it matters, as we're just going to be visiting Nirvana and I have this feeling that we're almost there..........You have no underwear? Will you marry me?"
    Hiker 2: "I'm so excited that I'm having a hard time walking a straight line."
    Hiker 3: "See that line there? That one side is Iran and you don't want to step over it."
    Hiker 1: "Will you marry me?"
    Hiker 3: "No way, I'm a dude."
    Hiker 2: "Were you talking to me. Because if you were, you need to show some bling here. I'm not just saying that I expect something special, but a date, some romance and a trip to the jeweler's would be nice. I'm not easy and cheap you know. Oh, bytheway, do these hiking boots make my calves look too muscular?"
    Hiker 3: "You know, those guys that have been following us for the past 8 miles have been getting closer. I think that you need to watch your step."
    Hiker 2: "I think they're a survey team."
    Hiker 1: "Will you marry me?"
    Hiker 3: "Those are guns, not survey instruments."
    Hiker 2: "Oh, crap.....I think I left all of our passports on the underwear with the map."
    Hiker 3: "We used the paper last night when we rolled those joints, remember? I know I don't. Man, I was so stoned."
    Hiker 1: "I have this shoelace that I can tie in a little knot here. Will you marry me?"
    Hiker 3: "Hey, they're motioning for us to go over there an meet them. They've got some souvenirs and some candy. What do you say?"
    Hiker 2: "Let's go, I think that's a Dior handbag that he's holding up."
    Hiker 1: (looking at a rock) "Will YOU marry me?"
    Hiker 2: "Hurry before they change their mind on the handbag."
    Hiker 3: "I just hope that they have some food. That stuff that we ate last night was utterly nauseating. I don't think that my palate will ever recover. French cuisine was never that bad."
    Hiker 1: "I think if I make a half hitch with a few of these frayed ends of thread that I can make a pretty fair looking diamond."
    Hiker 2: "Ok buddy. I'll marry you, but only until we get home and then it's an annulment for sure. The only thing that you're good for is keeping me warm. And don't try any funny business, because I know how to defend myself and I can make you curl up and wish you were dead."
    Hiker 3: "Boy, are we glad to see you! (All three walking up to the soldiers.) Do you have anything Kosher? We're starving."

    May 25, 2010 at 1:04 am | Report abuse |
  5. Zuleide Ribeiro Leoanardo

    I am glad to read all the comments. Many of you have no idea how helpful it has been. I often get very upset when I hear of people in prison, especially international cases. I have almost put in prison in another country on bogus accusation. Judging by the article, it does sound these three hikers are having a great time... Due to the wise responses I have read, I will cool off this weekend, think about other things going on in the world, such as continue reading a very nice book:

    Black Classical Musicians in Philadelphia, by Elaine Mack.

    Once again! Your wise and real response has put me at easy. They may not be in prison but in Five Stars Hotel in Iran.

    May 28, 2010 at 8:56 pm | Report abuse |
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