May 25th, 2010
05:55 AM ET

World update: Further tension between North and South Korea

An update from London on some of the international stories we expect to develop on Tuesday:

N. Korea threatens military action: Pyongyang has accused the South Korean navy of trespassing into its waters and threatened to retaliate with military action, the Yonhap news agency has said.

Unrest spreads in Jamaica: Violence related to the planned extradition to the United States of an alleged drug kingpin has continued, with police saying a number of people died in an attack on the suspect's stronghold in the west of the capital Kingston. Full story

Thaksin faces terrorism charges: A Thai court has issued a warrant against the country's ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on terrorism charges connected with the violent clashes that crippled Bangkok for weeks, the former prime minister's lawyer said. Full story

Queen to open UK Parliament: Queen Elizabeth is headed to the UK Parliament in a special, where she is to open the new session with her highly anticipated Queen's Speech. Full story

Data recorder found at crash site: Authorities have recovered the data recorder from the charred wreckage of the Air India plane that crashed in the southern Indian city of Mangalore over the weekend killing 158 people, police said Tuesday. Full story

Serena leads of seeded winners: Top seed Serena Williams is through to the second round of the French Open after a straight sets win over Switzerland's Stefanie Voegele. Full story

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  1. Smith in Oregon

    While the considerable diplomatic skills of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to have settled down South Korea's response to North Korea allegedly firing a torpedo at a South Korean warship, sinking it and killing several sailors, South Korea has moved to a psychological war response.

    Despite repeated North Korean warnings, South Korea has begun broadcasting defection propaganda thru speakers, radio stations and bill boards mounted on the massive border crossing.

    North Korea has specifically stated they would fire their artillery at any border crossings that have speakers blasting defection propaganda from. Obviously with the sudden drop in the North Korean currency and the Asian Stock Markets, this is seen as a serious development.

    It is entirely likely North Korea will indeed fire their artillery on border crossings that have active speakers promoting North Korean civilians to defect to South Korea. China is urging patience, however thanks to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, South Korea has time on her side.

    Will North Korea blink, or open up with her artillery at the billboards and speakers on the border crossings promoting defection to South Korea? Much of the Millions of civilians residing in Seoul, South Korea are within range of North Korean artillery batteries. If North Korea open's up with selected artillery barrages, this razor edge stalemate could almost immediately escalate. I wonder why China is sounding confident that peace will continue?

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