May 27th, 2010
05:58 AM ET

World update: Kidnap couple ask new UK PM for help

An update from London on some of the international stories we expect to develop on Thursday:

Hostages in video appeal: A British couple kidnapped by Somali pirates have said they "desperately need" new UK PM David Cameron to clarify whether he will work to secure their release.

Reports: Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes: The Lebanese army fired anti-aircraft guns Wednesday, according to state media, with the government saying Israel violated its airspace. Israeli Defense Forces are declining comment.

Sudanese president starts new term: Omar al-Bashir will be sworn in for a new term amid an outcry from human rights groups over his international war-crimes indictment. Full story

Red Cross defends helping Taliban: The international aid agency says its practice of providing medical training and basic medical supplies to the Taliban in Afghanistan is in line with the ICRC's mandate not to discriminate between different sides in a conflict. Full story

UK, France reject bank levy plan: Two of the EU’s biggest members oppose plans to insure against future bank failures. Full story

Anti-whaling activist goes on trial in Japan: Activist Peter Bethune appears in court in Tokyo, Japan after clashing with a Japanese whaling vessel.

Real Madrid await Mourinho: The Spanish club have fired Manuel Pellegrini as manager and said Jose Mourinho will be his replacement. Full story

Bird dies out: The Alaotra Grebe, a small diving bird native to Madagascar has been officially classified extinct, according to a leading bird conservation organization. Full story

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