May 30th, 2010
02:46 PM ET

Washington train station evacuated

Authorities evacuated Union Station, the main train terminal in Washington, D.C., on Sunday afternoon due to a chemical odor from an equipment closet, according to a spokesman for the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

The odor, described as smelling like sulfur or natural gas, was believed to come from an area where batteries and other equipment is stored, said fire department spokesman Peter Piringer.

A hazardous materials response team was on the scene, Piringer said. No injuries were reported, but authorities decided to evacuate the entire station as a precaution.

An Amtrak spokesman said all rail traffic in and out of the station was temporarily suspended due to the evacuation.  Subway service continued to operate, but trains were not stopping at Union Station, according to the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority.

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  14. Toodles

    Rose: "You guys have no concept,do you honestly think you hear all there is to know?They don't want to start a mass panic everytime something happens.I wonder how many people blew off tell tell signs before 911?People forget too fast and get complacent.You laugh at people,because you want to pretend we're all safe and nothing will happen again.You better read what the govt is telling us,we need to be vigilant and watch out for any signs of terrorism.You are the ones who are ignorant if you make fun of someone who is watching out."


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