June 10th, 2010
03:15 PM ET
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  1. Johnnie

    Until BP is forced to SHUT the well, instead of trying to "contain the oil" then this farce will go on and on.

    This blog is also a farce. CNN and FOX ought to be doing real investigative journalism. Instead they just read of memos from BP and the US govt. and shunt all the "alternatives" into some long blog that nobody reads.

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  2. Coach Lew

    I've read so many Quick Fixes and seen so many videos of fixes to this oil gushing from 5 miles deep in the Gulf of Mexico that have been developed by teens on up thru movie stars and scientists. The question is "Why is BP alone using hit and miss fixes"? It's been almost two months and it is still BP doing the hitting and missing. It is not simply the gushing oil, it is the traveling floating oil. There needs to be an Armada of ships combing the Gulf back and forth gathering the surface oil. Now somebody tell me we can't do that.

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  3. Michael Ostrowski

    So could it be that BP is sucking more from the formation that would not be expelling anyway-- the fluid mechanics calcs from any 2nd year engineering student would say Yes-all the calcs of before and after BPD must recoconize that the BBD from the well is greatly influenced by BPs suction devices–who out there gets that ??

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  4. Michael Ostrowski

    Just on CNN–if we cap it, a billion barrels in the formation could come out elsewhere- is this well really a pin hole in a giant pressurozed baloon filled with oil and gas uder pressure that is deepo beneath the ocean floor ??

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  5. Jim Jones

    two words... NUCLEAR BOMB. Its worked before.... it will work again

    June 17, 2010 at 11:55 am | Report abuse |
  6. Amy

    Could a 2nd controlled explosion shut down the oil well? much like a surface oil well blowout?

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  7. Michael Ostrowski

    Today Hayward said diameter of well or casing was 10 inches...2 weeks ago others said 20 inches - Dead weight solution depends on area times delta P - so if 10 inches, only 200 tons reqd for a dead weight solution

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  8. Bob C

    Some interesting comments, however from what I understand a top kill is now out of the question. So bombs, crimping, domes etc. that create back pressure are not an option. The pressure is above 6000 psi and requires a bottom kill. The only thing I can think of is inserting (if passage is available) down the pipe with a expandable device that can sustain the pressure when expanded. This could be an umbrella, stint, plug or whatever engineers can design to block or greatly reduce the flow from the bottom. Think of what happens when the bottom of a straw is obstructed. If this cannot be done lets hope the relief wells work. Again they are not sure if the straw has breaks or weaknesses so stop wasting good top kill ideas.


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  9. Michael Ostrowski

    To Bob C, Then the whole concept of a shut off valve on a blow out preventer would be bogus as well b/c of back pressure and the lack of integrity of the well and casing toi prevent the oil from coming up elsewhere . So what's really the issue with the dead weight solution of approx 400 tons if my calcs are right ??

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