June 13th, 2010
04:29 AM ET

Karzai gets support for upcoming Kanhadar operation

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he had a successful meeting with about 300 local leaders in Kandahar, who gave him the greenlight to start a military operation against the Taliban in the province.

Karzai, along with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, met with tribal and provincial leaders Sunday to gather support for the upcoming NATO-led operation, according to CNN's Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson, who is traveling with them.

The group sat on carpets and cushions on the floor as they listened to Karzai passionately talk about increasing security and ending corruption. He also had a stong message for the Taliban.

"First I call on the Taliban for peace. Do not kill your country men and children. Do not kill innocents," Karzai said. "Separate yourself from al Qaeda and the terrorists."

Karzai did not say when the upcoming military operation would take place, but did say American soldiers would have a role in it.

McChrystal said last week that anti-Taliban operations in Helmand province would take longer than initially thought.

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  1. Smith in Oregon

    Multiple news agency's are reporting now on the bombshell that was dropped by a team of English investigative reporters that independently interviewed multiple Taliban commanders in establishing their very creditable top down report of the Pakistani CIA agency ISI which works closely with America's CIA as working directly with the Taliban at the highest levels in the supreme meetings, strategy, battle tactics and funding!

    America's Republican lawmakers have given BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the Pakistani ISI agency, AND it directly appears a great deal of that money went directly to the Taliban that are killing American soldiers in Afghanistan!

    For years I have stated that the Pakistani ISI agency which was created as a clone of America's CIA in direct cooperation between the CIA and Pakistan during the 1980's Afghanistan war against Russia, had trained and funded the Taliban THEN and NOW. This creditable report released and published on multiple news agency's outline how deep that 'cooperation' is and how far the incredible corruption between America's CIA and Pakistani's ISI agency's is.

    YES, it appears a great deal of the American taxpayer dollars directly given to Pakistan's ISI went directly to the same Taliban who are killing American and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan!!!

    This goes far beyond just limited, or occasional support, this is very significant levels of support being provided by the ISI. The report also stated this is official policy of the ISI agency, and stated that it is very extensive. It is both at an operational level, and at a strategic level, right at the senior leadership of the Taliban movement!!!

    Mr Waldman the final reports author, himself spoke independently to nine different Taliban field commanders in Afghanistan earlier this year. Pakistan appears to be playing a double-game of astonishing magnitude," the report says.

    This report, one of many that strongly questions America's friendship with the Pakistani ISI as a direct slap across the faces of the greatest American ally in that entire region, INDIA. Both Pakistan and India are vying for influence and power in Afghanistan and the current war in Afghanistan could be viewed as a Proxy War between Pakistan and India.

    I fail to see nor understand why Washington and the US State Dept. would directly support Pakistan and the Pakistani ISI after the Mumbai, India massacre clearly indicated the ISI involvement, the ISI protection of those that planned and trained those terrorists and the horrific Indian civilian carnage those Pakistani terrorists reeked upon the Indian people.

    Some alleged that ISI agents had even attended meetings of the Taliban's top leadership council, the so-called Quetta shura. They claim that by backing the insurgents Pakistan's security service is trying to undermine Indian influence in Afghanistan.

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