June 15th, 2010
03:04 PM ET

Trains collide in Mexico killing at least 10

Two trains collided head-on Tuesday morning in northwestern Mexico, leaving at least 10 dead and five injured, state news agency Notimex reported.

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  1. TacoTown

    In ironic news, 10 jobs were just opened at a hotel just over the border.

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  2. Carlos

    They may soul rest in peace. How many people have died, guys? Change of subject let me talk about my English tips webblog, I had no intention to offend someone, my real intention was promote and spread it around the world. And I would like to thank those who have been visited, every now and then I promisse I don't go spread it anymore.

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    • CarlyB

      Carlos wrote in part, "They may souls rest in peace", and about his "English tips". Perhaps what he meant to say was "May their souls rest in peace" and "perhaps someone can give me some English tips."
      Anyway, this was a very informative article and I am intrigued as to someone having found these remains. I would love to know if they are able to identify these men from artifacts at the site. I will be looking forward to a follow-up story on this.

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  3. HernandezUSA

    Thats 10 less illegally coming to the United States.

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  4. Carlos


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  5. el poyo loco

    that means 10 lazy americans have to clean their own toilets now ! WAAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAAA!!

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  6. +


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