June 17th, 2010
12:25 PM ET

Senator says BP violating law on blowout preventers

BP claims it was not government regulators' practice to follow regulations on blowout preventers, according to a letter from Sen. Charles Grassley obtained by CNN.

The letter, dated June 16, was written to BP Chairman Lamar McKay. Grassley had questioned whether BP has complied with regulations from the Mineral Management Agency for oil rigs leased and operated by BP in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company responded by stating: "BP has submitted applications for permits to drill in accordance with the process prescribed by MMS officials, including submission of all applications, forms and pertinent documentation required" or requested by such officials, Grassley said in the letter.

"BP is not aware of any MMS practice requiring an applicant to attach to its initial application proof of the strength of the blind shear rams on the blowout preventer," the letter states.

However, MMS regulations quoted in the letter state blowout preventer information submitted to the government must show "the blind shear rams installed ...are capable of shearing the drill pipe in the hole under maximum anticipated surface pressures."

Grassley said in the letter that he found it "very disturbing that BP asserts that the 'practice' in oil drilling is to avoid current laws to keep our beaches safe. And I am outraged that BP is looking the other way."

He demanded any communication between BP and any employees of MMS "that may confirm that MMS allowed BP to violate the law, receive a waiver from applicable law and/or not comply with MMS regulations."

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  1. Menachem Ben Yakov

    Obama supporters claim that the President is not responsible for the Gulf oil spill and that is true. However it should be obvious, and I hope Republicans are listening, that when Obama announced last March the opening up of new offshore drilling it was done without any due diligence. A thorough safety review of existing offshore platforms should have been done prior to the Presidents announcement. That review would have brought the problems on the BP rig to light and corrective procedures could have been taken. Once again the lack of managerial experience and the concept that any idea the President has is, ipso facto, a good idea , has caused the greatest environmental disaster in US history. Should BP be held accountable? Of course. Should the President be held accountable for not protecting the public? The answer is just as obvious.

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