June 21st, 2010
11:48 AM ET

Jindal's office supports removal of drilling moratorium

The office of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal filed a friend of the court brief in federal court Monday supporting the removal of President Barack Obama's six-month deepwater drilling moratorium.

A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments Monday from companies seeking an end to the moratorium. The ban, instituted by the government last month, halts all drilling in more than 500 feet of water and prevents new permits from being issued.

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  1. Buddy; Dallas

    I guess I am absolutely amazed CNN does not have a source available for people to submit suggestion or designs how to stop this oil spill. I have a friend that has come up with what appears to be a pretty good idea. Where does he send it CNN?

    Why is BP not being forced to recruit engineering firms from around the world that could stop this spill? Enough is enough, start cutting off the toes of the BP executives and see how they appreciate the other nine, and keep cutting off toes until this spill is stopped.

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    • useifnot


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  2. Smith in Oregon

    Well over half of ALL the Federal Judges in the Gulf Region had their campaigns fully funded by Big Oil and conservative Republican right wing think tanks who were also well funded by Big Oil. I would be surprised if these 'handpicked' Federal Judges in Louisiana and Texas that the Republican politicians in the Gulf States asked to review the Oil drilling moratorium and hear the hundreds of liability cases against BP, ruled against Big Oil.

    Rahm Emanuel, the White House Democratic Chief of Staff is absolutely correct. If Republicans were a majority and in charge of Congress, US Senate and the White House, they certainly wouldn't insist BP pay all costs. The majority of ALL cleanup and environmental costs would be footed by the American taxpayers. Republican Congressman Joe Barton stated the very philosophy of the Republican Party in his 'forcing BP to pay to clean up the Oil gusher is 'anti-American' !!! Anti-American! The Republican party is so utterly corrupt in serving their special interests in Big Oil they have totally lost their way in serving the American People!

    The American Taxpayers stand to lose 190 BILLION dollars in this SINGLE Oil Spill thru lost jobs, lost industry and lost tourism. And these Republican wing-nuts are already screaming to Drill baby drill which invariably leads to Spill baby spill. The question is not 'IF', it is only a question of 'WHEN' the next horrific toxic, poisonous and carcinogenic spill of crude Oil occurs.

    Ethanol production is on-tap to produce more immediately usable fuel than that created from the crude Oil America purchases from Saudi Arabia! Every gallon of Ethanol directly replaces a full 6 gallons of crude Oil. President Obama should immediately remove the crass, callous and heavy handed Bush-Cheney tariff on Brazil's Ethanol exports and immediately purchase as much Ethanol from Brazil as Brazil is willing to sell to America.

    Crude Oil Spills = Ecocide, there is no positive spin on that. It is Toxic to breathe, Poisonous to eat, Carcinogenic to drink, Toxic to swim in, Carcinogenic to your skin. Bringing Death to aquatic life, Death to mammals, Death to birds and Poisons the water table.

    If these 'Gulf Keepers' and Environmental Keepers of the Gulf of Mexico want to actually 'save' the Dead and Dieing Gulf of Mexico region, they would in Force, Demand a Moratorium to Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. There is no safe Oil Well in the Ocean, there is no impossibility of another enormous Oil Spill. The Only question is 'WHEN' the next immense Oil Gushing Spill is going to occur.

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  3. WBJH

    Smith in Oregon said that "If Republicans were a majority and in charge of Congress, US Senate and the White House..." That makes no sense because Congress is the House of Representatives AND the Senate. It's like saying The House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Senate. So perhaps Smith should actually learn WHAT the Congress is before ranting about the evil "Republican wingnuts screaming drill baby drill." The rest of the comment didn't make much sense either.

    The Obama regime's ban on drilling is a purely political stunt to appease Obama's far left base. He doesn't care about over 100,000 people losing their jobs on top of all the other economic damage the oil spill has done in the Gulf area. The far left environmental zealots have way too much influence with this corrupt and amazingly incompetent regime. The American people are furious with this pathetic excuse of a president and the Democrats will lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in the November elections. Nonetheless, MY future and the future of all the Millennials and their posterity is in jeopardy because of the all-around bad policies of the Obama regime. I'm furious and any American who still supports this Jimmy Carter on steroids president should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

    Palin 2012. Real change. Real action. Real Hope. Real Leadership.

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  4. preston

    At last, a solution to the oil spill that puts money in people's pockets!
    Great idea guys! http://www.mypixplace.info/oil.htm

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  5. Dr. Anthony Hayward

    Buddy; Dallas, you are ignorant ov oyl industry and no not how to stop dees. if you or friend was ingineer yu wud be smart enuff not to ask on CNN blogs whur to send ur idear. I read idea every day about how to stop small amount of oyl coming out of leetle hole way down in grownd and nothin make sense. You gais act like small sckewl child and try make big decisions to try and make you look smart, when you no smart, just angry that your pelikan's are truely brown nao! Haha!
    I has kwestshun about bobby jindal. Was not he crying on news last month about not haveen help to kleen speel that we made and dat we has to pay his states beels? Now he want more dreels? I must rememba to send heem BEEEG check in mail after we pay everwons monies dat we 'owe' dem becaz they too lazy to get a good joerb with beepee and kleen oyl speel! LAWLERSKATES!!!

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