June 21st, 2010
08:59 AM ET

New Orleans mayor says 'no quick fix' for oil disaster

"The catastrophic nature" of the oil disaster, "I still believe, is not fully known to us," New Orleans, Louisiana, Mayor Mitch Landrieu told CNN Monday. "It's really huge."

As far as the federal response, "it's never good enough. It's never fast enough," he said, adding he thinks the federal government turned a corner last week as far as getting people on the ground.

"There is no quick fix here," Landrieu said, "and I think people need to kind of get focused on that fact." He said he does not believe the underwater oil gusher will be stopped until a relief well under construction is complete in August.

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  1. speedboat

    BHOPAL in India saw 3.000 die, on the first few days and 15000 die from then on, this since 1984 and still dying today.
    The BP oil is small stuff compared to the Gas coming out of the USA Company , Union Carbide and the disaster in India. America refuses to extradite the American Manager . Two Junior Manager have been tried and are in prison; but they of course are Indian.
    The Congressman that is doing a lot of screaming at BP, and rightly so, but he is also aware of Bhopol and has said very liitle. Poor justice held up by the American Government

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