June 21st, 2010
09:09 AM ET

On the Radar: Gulf oil, van der Sloot, Mexico violence

Gulf oil disaster - A federal judge will hear arguments Monday from companies seeking an end to a temporary moratorium on deepwater drilling, while oil continues gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from a ruptured undersea well. The six-month ban, instituted by the government last month, halts all drilling in more than 500 feet of water and prevents new permits from being issued. But a company that provides boats and equipment to the offshore drilling industry said in a lawsuit the government has no evidence that existing operations pose a threat to the Gulf.

Outside of the courtroom and on the beaches of Florida - the tone is a little bit different. Many of the people there are still trying to enjoy the beaches, and let people know its OK to visit - as long as they don't mind the passing BP contractors in green shirts and yellow rubber boots, with shovels, rakes and of course, the oil.

Joran van der Sloot - On the day he is set to appear in court, a Dutch newspaper published an article saying that Joran van der Sloot says he was "tricked" into confessing to the murder of a Peruvian student, Stephany Flores Ramirez. Peruvian police told him that if he signed the papers they gave him, he would be transferred to the Netherlands, he told De Telegraaf in a jail interview.

"In my blind panic I signed everything, but never knew what was written on them," he said.

Mexico and the code of silence - Maria Jesus Mancha knows speaking out against Mexico's drug cartels can be a death sentence. But she has no fear: "If they want to kill me for saying this then here I am. They killed me when they killed my son." Mancha says her home, Reynosa, is not so much a city under fire in the drug war, but a city where security officials have cut a deal with the devil and now work with or for the cartels.

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  1. Smith in Oregon

    Well over half of ALL the Federal Judges in the Gulf Region had their campaigns fully funded by Big Oil and conservative Republican right wing think tanks who were also well funded by Big Oil. I would be surprised if these 'handpicked' Federal Judges in Louisiana and Texas that the Republican politicians in the Gulf States asked to review the Oil drilling moratorium and hear the hundreds of liability cases against BP, ruled against Big Oil.

    Rahm Emanuel, the White House Democratic Chief of Staff is absolutely correct. If Republicans were a majority and in charge of Congress, US Senate and the White House, they certainly wouldn't insist BP pay all costs. The majority of ALL cleanup and environmental costs would be footed by the American taxpayers. Republican Congressman Joe Barton stated the very philosophy of the Republican Party in his 'forcing BP to pay to clean up the Oil gusher is 'anti-American' !!! Anti-American! The Republican party is so utterly corrupt in serving their special interests in Big Oil they have totally lost their way in serving the American People!

    The American Taxpayers stand to lose 190 BILLION dollars in this SINGLE Oil Spill thru lost jobs, lost industry and lost tourism. And these Republican wing-nuts are already screaming to Drill baby drill which invariably leads to Spill baby spill. The question is not 'IF', it is only a question of 'WHEN' the next horrific toxic, poisonous and carcinogenic spill of crude Oil occurs.

    Ethanol production is on-tap to produce more immediately usable fuel than that created from the crude Oil America purchases from Saudi Arabia! Every gallon of Ethanol directly replaces a full 6 gallons of crude Oil. President Obama should immediately remove the crass, callous and heavy handed Bush-Cheney tariff on Brazil's Ethanol exports and immediately purchase as much Ethanol from Brazil as Brazil is willing to sell to America.

    Crude Oil Spills = Ecocide, there is no positive spin on that. It is Toxic to breathe, Poisonous to eat, Carcinogenic to drink, Toxic to swim in, Carcinogenic to your skin. Bringing Death to aquatic life, Death to mammals, Death to birds and Poisons the water table.

    If these 'Gulf Keepers' and Environmental Keepers of the Gulf of Mexico want to actually 'save' the Dead and Dieing Gulf of Mexico region, they would in Force, Demand a Moratorium to Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. There is no safe Oil Well in the Ocean, there is no impossibility of another enormous Oil Spill. The Only question is 'WHEN' the next immense Oil Gushing Spill is going to occur.

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