July 6th, 2010
08:08 PM ET

Lohan facing 90 days in jail for violating probation

A judge on Tuesday ordered actress Lindsay Lohan to serve 90 days in jail for missing alcohol counseling sessions in violation of her probation.

The judge also ordered Lohan to spend 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehab program after her jail term is completed.

The actress must begin serving her sentence on July 20, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel said.

After Revel ruled that Lohan had violated her probation in a 2007 drunken driving conviction by missing weekly alcohol counseling sessions, Lohan began sobbing as she addressed the court. "I did do everthing that I was told to do and did the best I could," she said.

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  1. George Vreeland Hill

    Lindsay Lohan got what she deserved.
    Maybe this will open her bloodshot eyes.
    If not, then this will be the least of her troubles.
    See ya Lindsay.
    I hope you learn from this and get your act together.
    A lot of people are rooting for you.
    I'm one of them, but this is for your own good.


    July 6, 2010 at 9:26 pm | Report abuse |
  2. JG

    Can’t say Lindsay didn’t deserve jail time, but let’s not act as if we’re not partly to blame. More in my latest blog post, Taking responsibility for Lindsay Lohan, at http://www.jasongriffin.net/blog/2010/7/6/taking-responsibility-for-lindsay-lohan.html

    July 7, 2010 at 1:00 am | Report abuse |
  3. Gandalf

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    That be the case, Iran does not get any audience with the US government, media and planners.
    Otherwise, no wise government or nation would refuse Iranian help in containing this oil spill disaster.

    Iranians are willing to help. Are Americans willing to be friends?

    July 7, 2010 at 7:06 am | Report abuse |
  4. samwise gamjee

    why is no news channel talking about the Iranian offer to help stop the leak?

    Just because they are under sanctions for whatever reasons sponsored by the US goverment does not mean they are barred to even help on matters that are now beyond the capacity of US government or BP.

    This is a Global Disaster. Stop being cynical about the Iranians and take their help. They are experts in this subject whether or not the US government agrees. Let political ego not compromise the interest of the ordinary Americans and the humanity at large.

    By refusing or rather not even acknowledging the help offered by Iran, the crisis is not going to be resolved anyways. It’s only worsening by the hour.

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    July 7, 2010 at 7:10 am | Report abuse |
  5. Eregon Arethron

    Agreed. Let the specialists deal with the problem. In this case, the Iranians are the specialist, believe it or not. But we simply choose to overlook and ignore their offer to help bcoz they are under sanctions for nukes sponsored by US government.
    Lets leave behind ego and political machoism for once and accept their offer to help.
    Lets see if Ahmedinejad is sincere about this help offer and if the Iranians can really do the job they claim to have the expertise for.

    Obama and Hillary, you have failed. Now let the sense prevail and accept international assistance. God help America

    July 7, 2010 at 7:13 am | Report abuse |
  6. Legolas

    Maybe US can use Lindsay Lohan as an special envoy to Iran for fostering better relations.

    We could start with accepting Iranian help to stop the oil spill and then send Lohan to Iran on a friendship mission.

    July 7, 2010 at 7:16 am | Report abuse |
  7. john

    Lindsay lohans fingernails are not news what has the world come to when people make a big deal about her nails. get a life people. hln you make yourself look so low and stupid for covering that. what are you the common poparatzi? no you are HEADLINE NEWS not some chicks business news. lets get real HLN lets get real

    July 7, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Report abuse |