July 14th, 2010
08:04 AM ET

Eight U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan; blasts kill civilians

At least eight American soldiers have been killed Tuesday and Wednesday in Afghanistan, the NATO-led command said.

Also, explosions in Afghanistan killed 11 civilians Tuesday, Afghanistan's Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

A bomb struck a minibus in the Helmand district of Marja and killed nine civilians, the ministry said, and two people died in an explosion in the Yousuf Khil district of Paktia province.

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  1. DavidM

    Most sane people realize by now that there's no way to "win" these wars. The longer we stay and fight, the more terrorism we will spawn. It is unfortunate, but these people NEED a dictator to control their countries. It is the only way to keep them in check. ISHMAEL was a wild donkey of a man – his hand against everyone and eveyones hand against him. They don't want democracy – most of them are perfectly happy with their tribal culture. If we packed up today and left both Iraq and Afghanistan, there's a very good chance that within 5 years both would return to the way they were before we showed up.

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  2. KFK

    Anybody here see the ultimate root connection between the enmity to the US and Palestine?
    I thought not.

    July 14, 2010 at 10:31 am | Report abuse |
    • DavidM

      See my posting – yes we see it – the enmity with all Arab nations descending from Ishmael. Also relating to our (US) devotion to Israel – although I don't support everything Israel has done in the past.

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    • GWB

      I think that was Harry Reid.

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  4. Doug

    THAT'S WHY I'M GETTING OUT OF AFTER 10 YEARS OF SERVICE. A TOUR IN IRAQ IN 05 AND TOUR IN KOREA WAS ENOUGH FOR ME. I'M TIRED OF WATCHING OUR BOYS DIE FOR POLITICIANS AND CITIZENS WHO OUR OUT OF TOUCH!! Nobody cares, because as long as you have idiots propagating a war because we feel it's detrimental to our national security were never gonna get out of this HELL HOLE. A bunch of none- serving Dirty Republicans still place fear in the hearts of many American's with ignorant rants of "If we fight them over there, we won't fight them over here." When in the end, like many of you have said. Were fighting against goat headers, poppy seed growers, and religious fanatics. BRING OUR BOYS HOME!!!!!!!!

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  5. Tony

    We're not fighting terrorism or al Queada in Afghanistan. Bush lost this folly in 2002. It languished for seven years and now Obama is "honoring" the valor and sacrifice already given by sacrificing more. It was a "wrong" decision either way he went. The only way out is a negotiated withdrawal. I like Obama, liked McChrystal and like Prateus. But, we're not going to win. More money and more lives wasted for the indeterminate future.

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  6. Indigo

    It's sad to hear of even one casualty but this is not Vietnam, where casualties numbered in the hundreds each day. To say we are invaders is another fallacy - invaders typically take control of the country they invade; many examples of this exist in history. The US went into Afghanistan solely to get those responsible for 9/11 after the Taliban refused to give up Bin Laden. The fact that Bush became distracted by an unnecessary war in Iraq is the reason we are still fighting the Taliban today, to prevent them from retaking control of Afghanistan and imposing their version of Islamic rule on a hapless population.

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  7. steve

    Get out: this is a no winner,the people hate us, so get out. Afghanistan broke Russia,and a good start on the US

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  8. Zeus


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  9. Ralph

    When pinheads write Headlines could one of them be smart enough to look up the word Troop(s)? Here is the dictionary definition for the word: Military . an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group."

    Now I ask, were 8 soldiers or 8 Marines killed or a combination of both but not, as according to the definition above, platoons of people?

    From an Army buddy the term "Trooper" was used in Boot Camp and never again heard.

    Marines are referred to in boot camp as all kinds of stuff from dog droppings to ladies, etc. but NEVER as a Trooper, Troop, or Troops. They are referred to as Marines!

    Now let's get your heads and butts wired together on this terminology, PLEASE!

    July 14, 2010 at 1:22 pm | Report abuse |
  10. deb

    I am heartsick for these 8 fallen soldiers. and their families......and for all those who have sacrificed so much.... my husband's son was killed in Afghanistan inOct. of last year... and our lives will never be the same. We truly know what those families are going through and I wish I could take their pain and loss away. The ripple in this pond of sorrow will extend beyond immediate family and encompasses friends, neighbors, community... and yes, country. We are all affected by the loss of one soldier regardless of whether we knew them directly or not.

    While we appreciate the flag flying, memorials, words of support, etc. we are angered by what we feel is a military of weak leaders who pay lip service to concerns raised over poor decisions made... decisions that place soldiers in positions of being "fish in a barrel", breaking the first rule of war, which is to take the high ground, soldiers placed in areas where they don't have adequate food or water, forcing them to set up food pantries using care packages from home, rules of engagement that allowed our soldier to tell us, in stunning detail, how he was going to die just months before he did, air support that is minimal, at best,strategy that appears to us to lack a basic understanding of Afghan culture and history, sloppy, redacted investigations that in the end, are meaningless, medical helicopters that become targets... isn't that what that big red cross on the side is for... and can not be armed because we follow the rules set forth under the Geneva Convention... well, guess what... THE TALIBAN IS VERY GOOD AT TURNING OUR OWN RULES OF ENGAGEMENT INTO WEAPONS AGAINST OUR SOLDIERS...

    So, before your sons and daughters fall for the false promises and cheap crappy Chinese made booby prizes that recruiters use to lure them in to their recruiting stations, arm yourselves with knowledge about what they REALLY are signing up for... As Col. Bostrom , who lost his own son at Wanat said so sadly, "this is not the Army I knew"....

    July 25, 2010 at 12:16 am | Report abuse |
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