July 14th, 2010
11:49 AM ET

Opposition politician found dead in Rwanda

A Rwandan opposition politician was found dead Wednesday after he went missing the day before, according to an official with the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, deputy-president of the party, was last seen alive by his sister Monday night, and was planning to make his way to the Rwandan capital of Kigali for a meeting Tuesday, said Frank Habineza, the party's president.

Rwisereka's car was found abandoned Tuesday, Habineza said. His car and house keys and driver's license were inside, but there was no sign of him.

Rwisereka's body was found by residents in a wetland area about 3 kilometers from the city of Butare and 2 kilometers from the National University of Rwanda, Habineza said. Rwisereka's head was nearly severed from his body, he said.


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  1. oligak

    what a tragedy. No one has the right to decide who will live or die in this world. But let not get drown in this finger pointing game where all the medias are pointing at Kagame and the RPF for this awfull serial killing . we have to analyze all the facts in this tragedy. The first question we have to ask ourselves is : Who will benefit from the death of late Rwisereka , the vp of the yet to be registered green party. Is it the president Paul kagame and his party the Rpf? is it the opposition who is working tirelessly to discredit this electoral process? Or is it the work of the extremist hutu trying to tarnish kagame's image to the rest of the world, bringing division among Rwandans after being militarily defeated by Kagame's forces?

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  2. oligak

    if you still struggle to answer that question, let me be a little bit specific and break it down this way. what does Rwisereka represent in the political space of rwanda? was he a direct threat to the actuel regime? was he well known among the rwandan population? or was he a succesful businessman with consistant financial means to threaten the actuel regime? why him and not others such Ingabire of FDU,or Ntaganda of PS? If you can answer those questions you can discern the real motives behind those killings.
    For lack of a strategy and means to overthrow this strong government, these extremists have resorted on tactics aiming on tarnishing the image of this government with the hope that the international community will respond in their favour and starve the people of rwanda.

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