July 15th, 2010
06:05 AM ET

World Update: Vatican to update abuse rules

An update from London on some of the international stories we expect to develop on Thursday:

Abuse prevention: The new rules, to be released Thursday a source close to the Vatican told CNN, are a response to accusations against priests across Europe and the United States in the past several years. Read the full story

Landmark vote: Argentina becomes the first Latin American country on Thursday to give same-sex couples equal marriage rights, including the ability to adopt children. Read the full story

Scientist home: An Iranian nuclear expert, who Tehran claims was kidnapped by U.S. agents, arrived in his homeland early Thursday, state-run media reported. Read the full story

Gaza aid ship: A Libyan-backed ship attempting to breach an Israeli naval blockade of the Palestinian territory of Gaza docked at Al Arish in northern Egypt on Thursday morning, the Egyptian foreign ministry said. Read the full story

Tribal council member dead: Mullah Saleh Mohammed was killed in eastern Uruzgan province by militants who stopped the van he was traveling in by putting up a make-shift checkpoint, the military said in a statement. Read the full story

Oldest golf tournament starts: The British Open begins at St Andrews, Scotland, with players including Tiger Woods in attendance. Read the full story

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  1. jenifter123

    this goes to howie ...first let me say that home schooling is not child abuse it's keeping your kids safe from other kids and the school system ..and secondly i am home schooling my 3 kids so do you want to tell me i am abusing my kids cause they are not in school and that i'm home schooling my kids ..well then i say to you get a life and stay out of other peoples lives and buisnees.you must not have a life or kids of your own.

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