July 19th, 2010
07:45 AM ET

Well testing continues; government gets BP answers on seep

Testing on a capped oil well in the Gulf of Mexico will continue for another day, officials said Monday, as the federal government says it has received satisfactory answers from BP regarding a seep near the well.

Thad Allen, the federal government's oil spill response director, said Monday that a federal science team and BP representatives had discussed several issues during a Sunday night conference call, including the "possible observation of methane over the well."

"During the conversation, the federal science team got the answers they were seeking and the commitment from BP to meet their monitoring and notification obligations," Allen said in a statement.


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  2. afraidofheights

    While the news out of the Gulf is, finally, maybe, promising. BP apparently still feels the need to retain outside assistance in handling the fallout from this oil disaster.

    Check out the transcript of what Steve Jobs, BP's new Chief Speaking Officer, had to say on behalf of the oil giant.



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  3. PH53

    Caucasians own all this equipment, and is in charge of it. Sorry, but chalk another catastrophy up to incompetent, know-it-all caucasians. Rednecks, please stop having babies.

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  4. Smith in Oregon

    The Cameron Team of experts determined the outflow from the Louisiana BP blown Oil well was 13,000 PSI. After the new cap stack was placed on top of the damaged original BOP stack, it appeared the outflow was lessened and BP began reporting the outflow was at 8,000 PSI. And as the new cap valves were closed down the pressure has been resting at around 6,000 PSI indicating Oil and Gas is gushing into fractures in the drill pipe deep under the sea floor to the tune of 6,000 PSI or about 50% of the previous amount on the gusher is now flowing into a ruptured drill pipe into a geologic fault fracture (1.1 Million gallons per day) which could likely end up venting from the sea-floor.

    These fractures could erupt to the surface of the deep Ocean sea-floor a mile or more away from the original drill site, releasing Oil and Gas once again into the Gulf of Mexico. With BP and the US Coast Guard preventing any private ships not connected to BP from entering that area, it seems the public must once again rely on whatever BP is telling Thad Allen in regards to remote video and sonar readings in the miles surrounding the original drill site looking for new gushers.

    Going from 13,000 PSI to the new Cap at 8,000 PSI down to 6,000 PSI with the values closed indicates there is a 6,000 PSI fracture and leak somewhere in the original drill casing or drill pipe under the sea-floor. I do not believe a word out of Thad Allen's mouth nor from his close buddys in BP in regards to truthfulness and forthcoming information.

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