July 25th, 2010
02:30 PM ET

Bomb kills five U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Bombings killed five U.S. troops in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

The military did not say precisely where the incidents occurred, but the statement said the troops died in "improvised explosive device attacks." Four service members died in one attack and one was killed in the other. The incidents come during a bloody stretch in the country this summer. June was the deadliest month for international troops since the war began:  60 Americans were among 102 international troops slain, according to a CNN count of military figures.

This month, more than 70 international troops have died. That total includes more than 50 U.S. service members.

Taliban militants have regularly attacked troops with improvised explosive devices - the homemade bombs popularly known by the acronym IEDs.

They are considered the weapon of choice for insurgents during the Afghan conflict, and the military regularly conducts raids targeting people who have staged such attacks against troops.

On Friday night, Afghan and coalition soldiers pursuing a militant who plans IED attacks against coalition troops killed two armed men and detained others in the country's east, ISAF said on Saturday.

The incident occurred in Khost province.  The troops were hunting down a militant from the Haqqani network, which has links to the Taliban. "IEDs not only harm Afghan and coalition forces, but approximately a third of the IED attacks wound and kill innocent civilians," said Col. Rafael Torres, an ISAF spokesman.

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  1. Gail Hennessey

    .Enough is enough....end this war! NOW. To people like Senator McCain who say we must stay until we WIN. What's that mean? What's the end game to bringing our troops home? I've heard comments that we will be there YEARS to come. WHY? If the Afghan people can't figure out what they want after 9 years, then, how MANY more years must we invest in them? Why must we continue to support a corrupt government. Or, why do we have to pay the Afghans for “safe” transport of our vehicles bringing supplies to our soldiers who are there to “help” them? Amazing! And, as for terrorists-few remain there, any longer.
    Only 1% of our country has a vested interest in this war. I grieve for those families. The rest of us go on our merry way, with little thought to the sacrifices being made by our brave soldiers. We picnic, go out to dinner with friends, shop, etc. with little thought of what is going on on the battlefields. Little is covered in the media(because trivia news stories take front stage such as Palin's daughter's engagement-who cares!) Perhaps, if the draft was reinstated, and THE children of those dictating our continued presence, had to go fight in Afghanistan (or Iraq-thought this war was to be paid for with Iraqi oil? 1 TRILLION and counting for both wars), they’d quickly change their minds about our presence in these wars.
    Bring our soldiers HOME....now! AND, how about supporting those soldiers home with injuries, either physical or mental, with the best care possible!

    July 25, 2010 at 2:35 pm | Report abuse |
    • Mohammed

      First of all, I am from the North part of Pakistan. I have lived in the US for all of my life. I agree with you, we should bring back the troops from that area. Something American Public don't know about Afghan, that is a nation that doesn't forget, and a nation that can't be change. Why do we have to go and change someone else business? None of the Taliban were involved in the Twin Towers Attack, I live in New York by the way. I felt it more then anyone else, or anyone else that live in New York. Taliban sheltered Osama, who by the way is an Arab not Afghan. Yes, if you look at it, how many political criminals from the other countries do we or the West shelter? I could actually name a few but you can google it. What I think, this was was unjust, and I am sorry of the soldiers that are fight there, I support them but you have to understand, that we can picnic, shop or go to parties and enjoy because we didn't make a stupid decision, I am ready to die for this country if anyone lay their finger on us. We can fix this problem without going to fly 10000s of miles, and fight with people who ride donkey for living. We don't have to be killed or kill innocent people there also. Why worried about their way of living...that is there culture. To think about it, we are the ignorant by not accepting their culture, and their way of life. We could have spent all of that money and energy by protecting our borders. These trillion of dollars we wasted, along the army number more then the total people killed by the Twin Tower! we could have used that money to protect our borders, which would created JOBs for all of the American, and eventually everyone could go on picnics and parties. I have an MBA in Accounting, yet I don't have a job! that is a waste...

      July 25, 2010 at 3:55 pm | Report abuse |
  2. evan Mark

    Learn the brutal truth about The Taliban:
    You absolutely MUST see this.

    August 9, 2010 at 4:43 pm | Report abuse |