July 29th, 2010
10:22 AM ET

Report: 'High-risk behavior' contributes to rising Army suicide rate

A "permissive" environment is one of the factors leading to a spike in Army suicides, according to a new report released Thursday.

The 15-month-long Army study on suicide prevention concludes there is a need to promote and encourage healthy behavior among troops as one of the key means of reducing suicide levels. Moreover, the report called on commanders to reinforce efforts to discipline soldiers for substance abuse, criminal behavior and disciplinary problems.

Many of today's commanders are so focused on getting ready for deployments to war zones, some of these issues have slipped through the cracks, according to Army officials who briefed CNN ahead of the release of the study. FULL POST

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July 29th, 2010
08:51 AM ET

Mom in France admits smothering 8 newborns

French prosecutors said Thursday they charged a woman with murder after she admitted giving birth to and killing eight babies in northern France.

The woman, Dominique Cottrez, said she hid the pregnancies and deaths from her husband, who had no idea what she had done, prosecutor Eric Vaillant told reporters. Cottrez is overweight and was able to conceal the pregnancies, he said.

Cottrez told investigators the reason she killed the babies was that she did not want to have any more children and did not want to see doctors for contraceptives, Vaillant said.


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July 29th, 2010
08:12 AM ET

Protests under way as Arizona immigration law takes effect

Residents form a blockade on the main street of the small town of Guadalupe, about 10 miles outside Phoenix, Arizona.

A judge's ruling may have temporarily halted the most controversial provisions of Arizona's new immigration enforcement law from taking effect, but that hasn't stopped opponents of the legislation from taking to the streets Thursday to voice their disapproval.

Several nonviolent demonstrations were planned Thursday throughout Arizona to mark the passage of the hard-fought legislation, which officially took effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, after a federal judge chose not to block the bill in its entirety Wednesday.

But U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton granted a temporary injunction against a provision of the bill that required that police question people's immigration status if there is reason to believe they are in the country illegally. Bolton also blocked provisions of the law making it a crime to fail to apply for or carry alien registration papers and "authorizing the warrantless arrest of a person" if there is reason to believe that person might be subject to deportation.


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July 29th, 2010
07:49 AM ET

Second sailor missing in Afghanistan found dead

The second U.S. sailor who went missing in Afghanistan last weekend is dead, a Pentagon official said Thursday.

The sailor was one of two involved in a firefight in eastern Afghanistan last week after they were reported missing. They were traveling in Logar province when they were attacked the military said.

Afghan and coalition forces first recovered the remains of Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin McNeley, 30, of Wheatridge, Colorado, on Sunday, the Defense Department said. Provincial officials also confirmed that death on Sunday.

The name of the soldier just found wasn't released but the Pentagon plans to issue an official announcement later. Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, 25, of Renton, Washington, had been listed as duty status whereabouts unknown.

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July 29th, 2010
07:10 AM ET

Thursday's live video events

Ongoing coverage - BP webcam of Gulf oil disaster

10:00 am ET - Obama addresses National Urban League - President Obama is expected to make remarks on education reform at the National Urban League’s 100th anniversary convention in Washington.

10:30 am ET - Arlington Cemetery hearing - A Senate subcommittee holds a hearing on the mismanagement of contracts at Arlington National Cemetery.


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July 29th, 2010
06:07 AM ET

World update: French couple charged over dead babies

An update from London on some of the international stories we expect to develop on Thursday:

France babies - French prosecutors have filed charges against a French couple, after the bodies of eight newborn babies were found in northern France.  Read the full story

Nazi guard - Germany has indicted a former Nazi death camp guard for the murders of more than 430,000 Jews, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reports.  Samuel Kunz allegedly served at a camp in Poland.  He was Number 3 on the center's "most wanted" list. Read the full story


July 29th, 2010
03:18 AM ET

Advocacy group protests attacks on Mexican nationals

A Latino advocacy group organized a march through the streets of Staten Island, New York, Wednesday night to protest a string of attacks on Mexican nationals.


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