July 31st, 2010
09:57 PM ET

Chavez deploys troops near Colombia, reviews 'war plans'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has deployed troops to areas near the Colombian border and says he is reviewing plans for a potential war as tension between the two nations rises.

"Three nights ago I told the vice president. It makes me sad, I confess, that I'm reviewing war plans," he said during a phone interview on the state-run VTV network.

Special forces are moving to 10 districts near the Colombian border to be prepared in case Colombian President Alvaro Uribe issues an invasion order before he leaves office August 7, Chavez said Friday.

Colombia and Venezuela are at odds over accusations that leftist rebels have found refuge in Venezuela.

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    Colombia can not stand a prolonged armed conflict with Venezuela....Colombia's military capabilities are limited......their air force is weak and orchestrate logistics support (cargo airplanes and recon)...very limited infantry support...hardly any tanks units if any...defensive coast line navy(coast guard)....good in special forces, but that wont win a war.....limited funds to cover the war cost.....so Colombia don't even attempt to engage in armed conflict with their friend. Venezuela's air force will neutralized Colombian defenses in less than one day with a well coordinated ground...air...sea.... attack... don't forget to blind their borders air defense missiles sites...1970s era..... by the way bomb the 3 main electric plants so the country has less logistics capabilities.....sorry! ....no electric power and later total submission,,,viva la gran Colombia..!

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